The Latino media is largely silent about the impending migration tsunami

While the media is focusing on the Russian aggression in Laser-Ukraine, another aggression is about to take place on our own border, covering the White House’s silence, pointing to the open withdrawal of Title 42, according to a Telemundo report. The rules, enacted by President Trump during the epidemic, allow the federal government to expel immigrants from foreign countries in the interests of public health.

Only Telemundo, on Spanish-speaking networks, and CNN En EspaƱol, to a lesser extent, paid any attention to this impending national security threat. This clip from Telemundo’s late-night newscast quoted an Axis report claiming that biden officials feared a “major immigration event” once the Covid policies were abolished. However, when senior DC correspondent Christina Londono asked the government to confirm the existence of an emergency plan to deal with the possible mass influx of migrants at the border, she was met with silence.

Johanna Suarez: With the exception of Title 42, there is a risk of large-scale influx of migrants to the southern border, a rule that would allow passers-by to refuse entry. The United States is already preparing buses and tents to deal with the influx of immigrants, the report said. Christina Londono has more.

Christina LONDON: Fearing a wave of more than 170,000 immigrants, Axios says the Biden administration is making extraordinary preparations, as they fear mass exodus when they scrap the 42nd title with which former President Donald Trump closed the border at the height of the epidemic.

We asked the government to confirm the existence of this contingency plan in case of mass influx of migrants at the border, but they did not respond.


It is estimated that more than 25,000 migrants are waiting in Mexico for the border to reopen.

It doesn’t look good. The inconvenient news of an impending wave hitting our border in search of asylum for migrants covers the media, with 25,000 already waiting to get better from Uncle Sam in Mexico; Just behind them, about 170,000 more are expected to arrive and be shipped to various locations in the United States.

The undisclosed fact by Telemundo is that the law empowers the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine whether a foreign country poses a serious threat to the spread of infectious diseases in the United States, whether through people or property entering the country. Accordingly, as soon as the epidemic is over, the CDC is justified in lifting the measure.

Instead of being silent, the White House and the Hispanic media – so vocal about border security in other countries – should openly address a national threat versus silently formulating a “contingency plan” with other government agencies, including the use of buses and planes to evacuate migrants, and – To hear this – to build new tents for them to stay (formerly called ‘cages’ under Trump).

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