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Posted: March 21, 2022 12:01 AM

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As anti-war protests across Russia have become more frequent and intense, thousands of Russian citizens have been arrested and detained or imprisoned. However, all these people are not being arrested on the spot. In many cases, they are being arrested a few days later because Russian authorities have tracked down the identity of every person present at the protests through tracking data provided by Russian mobile operators. The Kremlin has cracked down further on freedom of expression by making “false propaganda about the use of Russia’s armed forces” a criminal offense. One can only imagine how many Russians will now be arrested. Under the order, offenses may include phone calls, texts or emails that the Kremlin considers “lies” about the government and / or the military. Punishment? Jail up to 15 years. This Orwelian reality could easily be linked to the horrific excesses of a desperate dictatorship on the other side of the planet – unless mobile operators in Europe, Asia and even Canada and the United States collect this position. , Identification, text messages and phone calls from each user on their network and then handing this data over to the government, often without a fight.

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