The latest CDC data shows that children aged 5-11 are now more likely to be vaccinated

After approving the experimental MRNA JAB for children under five months ago, the oppressive U.S. public health regime is moving ahead with plans to vaccinate even young children, despite evidence that JAB is actually helping to spread the virus.

Not to mention numerous and life-threatening side effects, such as myocarditis and Bell’s palsy, which often appear after receiving experimental mRNA jabs.

According to recent data from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), for the first time since the data was collected, the rate of covid infection among vaccinated children aged 5-11 years is now higher among their unvaccinated peers.

The flip has been building for months, as the rate of infection among vaccinated children has been hovering around the rate of unvaccinated cases for some time, finally surpassing the end of the week ending February 19th.

That week, according to the latest available data, the rate of covid cases detected in children aged 5-11 was 122 for every 100,000 immunizations and 131 for every 100,000 immunizations.

Just one week ago, the rates were 248 and 244 for every 100,000 immunized and vaccinated, respectively.

And a month ago, in the week ending January 15, the infection rate was about 1,800 per 100,000 people and more than 1,340 per vaccinated person.

Thus, despite a meteoric drop-off in cases – more than 10 মাসে in just one month – the vaccinated case rate has gone above the rate for non-vaccinated.

Although most worrying, especially with the federal government’s continued pressure to vaccinate young and young children, recent data on 5-11 year olds shows that they, among all other vaccinated ages, had the highest rate of infection in the United States.

In the case of hospitalization and death, the CDC also tracks these cases by the immunization and immunization departments, but the agency does not release data for 5-11 year olds due to “low numbers”, so no data is available there. According to The Epoch Times.

Somehow, despite all the serious red flags around this vaccine – it doesn’t stop the spread of the virus (booster-proven, let alone bad results) – Fawcett-led public health ‘experts’ are preparing to approve a fourth dose of experimental jab and infant and small children. Is working to give the green light to the vaccine for children.

This is pure evil.

“Final Frontier:” Moderna launches experimental Covid Jab test on 6-month-olds

As some real experts have been warning for months, this is the most dangerous vaccine ever released to the public. In just one and a half years of introduction, VAERS has reported more than one million cases of adverse side effects from the mRNA covid vaccine, including more than 26,000 deaths, 14,827 Bell’s palsies, 37,133 myocarditis / pericarditis and 48,342 reports. Permanent disability, among others.

The sheer number of reports, especially of a serious nature, is an astonishing number and completely unprecedented for any other vaccine. In the past, thousands of people have been vaccinated against double-digit deaths.

From OpenVaers:

New numbers through 3-18-2022 #VAERS.
The number of myocarditis in 2022 is now more than half of the total in 2021. It’s March only.@ RM Conservative

– OpenVAERS (pOpenVAERS) March 25, 2022

And has been broken down to include only children. Notice the chart below – the number of VAERS reports recorded in this age range of 2021 has doubled in any other year and the number is about 10 থেকে from 2020 – what has changed? Introduction of MRNA vaccine:

Respectfully # Poison Prevention Week We are launching a new page today. Protect children

– OpenVAERS (pOpenVAERS) March 22, 2022

Remember, this virus has a recovery rate of 99.95-99.99% – and even more so in children or adolescents. So this experimental forcible seizure of them is a complete crime and pure evil.

The latest CDC data from the post shows that vaccinated children aged 5-11 are now more likely to catch covid than their unvaccinated peers at The Gateway Pundit.

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