The Indiana government has vetoed a bill to ban transgender athletes from women’s sports indie.

Republican Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb vetoed a bill Monday banning transgender athletes from playing in women’s sports.

The bill barred transgender women from participating in sports games for girls from kindergarten to twelfth grade in public schools.

As reported Daily callerThe bill, signed into law, would allow a civil action lawsuit against a school or institution if such an entity violates its provisions.

Holcomb said it was “less” to create a “consistent state policy regarding the fairness of the K-12 game in Indiana.”

“First, to process, the broad-minded nature of the complaint The provisions of HEA 1041, which apply to all K-12 schools in Indiana, make it unclear how to maintain consistency and fairness for parents and students across different counties and school districts, “wrote Holcomb. Letter. “Student-athletes may be treated differently depending on which school they participate in and compete in. The frustration of students, parents and administrators will probably follow.”

Holcomb added that the bill “indicates that the goals of consistency and fairness in competitive women’s sports are not currently being met.”

“While I support the overall goal, I find no evidence to support both claims,” ​​Holcomb wrote.

“In the midst of a wave of encouragement to protect the integrity and fairness of women’s sports in our state – a worthy reason to be sure – this bill leaves many unanswered questions, as highlighted above,” she concluded.

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