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The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian catastrophe and Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible. He has committed war crimes. But the answer is not to prolong the war by providing adequate assistance to Ukraine to keep the war and killings progressing, while both countries are shedding their own white blood. Isolating Russia in the Second Cold War is not the answer. We need to help negotiate an end to this war.

But we don’t hear that from many places in Washington. Are they all crazy? The Republican leadership seems intent on turning the war in Ukraine into World War III. So most journalists cover the story – from all networks. After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared before Congress through a zoom on Wednesday, it seemed that the war would only escalate as the GOP could move closer to a nuclear confrontation with Russia against their Democratic counterparts. The next day, Zelensky made an offer NBC interview That World War III could have already begun.

Zelensky spread his spell on political audiences around the world and received a standing ovation from lawmakers everywhere. I have lost the appeal of why American congressmen and senators are so obsessed with what is happening in Ukraine that they are willing to risk war to secure its borders. Republicans were falling for themselves, desperately trying to send those MiG fighter jets to Poland, wondering what more wonderful weapons could be sent abroad, and finally imagining that Ukraine itself could “close the skies” without NATO help.

This level of anti-Russian hysteria did not exist during the Cold War years when Russia was a communist country and was often a direct threat to the United States. America has never been so close to a nuclear war when President Ronald Reagan faced the communist threat because he understood the rules of engagement and did not listen to the warring generals who advised him to push the envelope with the Soviets to see how far he could go. But in the end he was the most successful negotiator with the Soviet Union, and he ended the Cold War.

Russia is not threatening the United States today, and San Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is still doing Double down At his suggestion, Vladimir Putin will be assassinated. By whom It doesn’t matter. Graham wants to send almost everything to the Ukrainians and the consequences will be cursed. If this is an attempt to weaken Biden – leave it at that. He already looks weak; You are showing him more and more clever day by day as you are demanding bigger and better war.

If the Republican leadership feels they have lost their sense of reality, some lesser-known GOP representatives are moving further. Last week, Correspondent Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) Says He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. World War II is not free. Just look at the price tag from the last one and that only involves two atomic bombs.

Most of the media is parroting the concerns of this war. The Biden administration’s demand for a no-fly zone is as simple as ordering a buffet breakfast for a West Wing reception. Journalists have been talking nonsense to President Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie about the no-fly zone, apparently careless or indifferent that it could inevitably lead to a shooting war with Russia that could lead to a limited nuclear exchange. Probably a result of the use of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Then those journalists sitting in their gorgeous New York and Washington offices in their designer suits and costumes will find out how close a nuclear attack can come. Stanley Kubrick has Strangelav Dr. Has the past become such a wreck that these hot-blooded writers think they had a variety of nuclear weapons in the 1960s?

President Biden has led a protracted catastrophe since taking office, and there is no doubt that the weaknesses of his foreign policy – particularly in the wake of the failure of Afghanistan – have given Putin the power to invade Ukraine. Fortunately, Biden seems to have memorized the lessons of the Cold War, and not to resist and use nuclear weapons. And he’s not motivated to cross that line. When President Biden looks reasonable and Sean Graham looks absolutely crazy, you know that not everything is right with the world.

The uniformity of their reporting is surprising and frightening. Try to find evidence of bio-labs in Ukraine and you Will be directed The news was reported by Google to the World Socialist Web site only by French news organizations.

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland in response to a question from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on March 8. Admission Labs that existed and are potentially extremely dangerous.

“Oh, there are biological research facilities in Ukraine. We’re really worried now that the Russian troops, the Russian forces, are trying to get control, uh, [those labs]So we are working with the Ukrainians [sic] He told Rubio how they could prevent Rubio from falling into the hands of Russian forces.

An exchange like this has never happened because the labs try to find a discussion of it other than a picture of Russian confusion. Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was attacked as a traitor after she raised concerns about the pathogen from a label released as a result of the war.

Rino Sen Mitt Romney (R-UT), who never missed an opportunity to insult former President Donald Trump, Tweet“Tulsi Gabbard is a parrot of false Russian propaganda. His treacherous lies could cost his life. “

What was a lie? And did a lieutenant-colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve utter “treacherous lies” while trying to save lives? Was he objecting to Gabbard’s frequent criticism that the “military-industrial complex” benefited from foreign war? Well, it was the respected GOP president and Army General Dwight Eisenhower who coined the phrase and warned the Americans that endless wars were good business for some companies but bad news for those who were forced to fight them.

Romney is a political joke that is the Republican equivalent of President Joe Biden, he expresses any resentment or supports any cause if he thinks it is politically expedient then this attack against Gabbard is ruthless and he should at least apologize.

Gabbard replied On Twitter:

“People in America and around the world are just suffering from a global epidemic, probably caused by an accidental release of pathogens from a biological lab. Yet my political opponents are not worried … about 25+ biolab in [the] Ukraine’s war zone, which can be easily violated, frees dangerous germs, igniting new global epidemics. And, they identify as traitors those of us who say we must take action to prevent a new epidemic. “

We need to end this war, not end up with a billion dollar aid package that will keep it alive but ultimately destroy Ukraine and Russia. Of course this is an unjust war and of course Putin is the villain. But the West must think of the future and bring Russia to a democratic world by any diplomatic means. We hear from retired generals at Fox News about being creative in finding new ways to supply arms to Ukraine and prolonging the war. On how to be creative in seeking a diplomatic solution, Attorney General Robert Kennedy set up a back channel with the Russian ambassador to appease the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It turned out that they wanted the United States to remove their missiles from Turkey. President John Kennedy agrees, and he can take them calmly.

I remember spending the Christmas of 1996 in Bosnia where I was working with NATO forces at a US military base. I sat with the Green Beret on one side of the table and a group of Russian special forces on the other. The two shared Christmas dinner, limited conversation and military friendship – the Cold War is over and the two former enemies who were committed to killing each other can now relax and look forward to a peaceful future.

We need to restore that hope. If Putin has to go to achieve that, so be it. But we cannot continue on the path to a completely unnecessary and catastrophic nuclear collision.

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