The Hunter Biden laptop has multiple Department of Defense ‘encryption keys’

Photo by Marnie Joyce

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This story is evolving.

CDMedia has confirmed that Hunter Biden’s infamous ‘Laptop from Hell’ contains the encryption key of many US Defense Department’s ‘Root Encryption Certificates’ or DoD databases. Keys have unusually long expiration dates, many lasting twenty years or more.

The information was discovered during an in-depth forensic investigation conducted by Jack Maxi and his team in Switzerland over the past few weeks.

This situation raises multiple questions, e.g.

Why does Hunter Biden have the Department of Defense encryption code to allow access to national security data? Did Hunter Biden give anyone else access to this information? Who gave the codes to Hunter Biden? Why do codes have a long expiration date, when the general practice is that a user only needs to ‘know’ or work time, which is usually 2-3 years maximum?

We have been informed that the judiciary has been alerted about the situation.

We have also been told about the discovery of DOD.

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Post-Breaking: The Hunter Biden laptop has multiple Department of Defense ‘encryption keys’ with a 20-plus expiration date to allow the holder access to the DoD database.

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