The hate-filled Penn State professor says President Trump should have

The following article, Hate-Field Penn State Professor, says President Trump should have been assassinated like Lincoln, first published in Big League Politics.

A hateful Penn State University professor says he believes President Donald Trump should have been killed by an assassin’s bullet just like the late former President Abraham Lincoln.

Jack Farnes, who works as an associate professor of communications at the Greater Allegheny Campus in Pennsylvania, said Trump “should have been Lincoln” and dropped a bin on some paper towels five minutes after he joined Puerto Rico in 2017 for the next hurricane response. They had a basketball.

The image of the awesome tweet can be seen here:

.Pen_state Associate communications professor Jack Farnes tweeted today that former President Trump should have been shot and killed. His academic work was influenced by Marxism and critical pedagogy. He had previously made a list of the dead.

– Andy Engo ️‍🌈 (rMrAndyNgo) March 26, 2022

Farnes is an irresistible Marxist who works to persuade children to follow his left-wing extremist ideology, which has resulted in the deaths of millions in the twentieth century alone.

“Both a researcher and a teacher draw my work on a web of influence that includes communication and cultural studies, cultural geography, feminist and Marxist theories, anarchism, environmentalism, critical pedagogy, technology history and philosophy, and punk rock,” he said. Wrote in the bio.

The politics of the Big League Reported The public academy is acting as a sinister fifth column to weaken the country from within:

On February 14, 2022, the “Faculty Senate” of the University of Texas passed a resolution emphasizing the “academic liberties” policy in order to uphold the teaching of critical race theory aka white hatred in the university. The CRT is based on the premise that the United States is a fundamentally racist country and that institutions such as capitalism, the constitution, and property rights are the hallmarks of a racist society, and therefore must be eliminated in the name of anti-racism. It is used to injure whites and make them feel guilty for the sins their ancestors felt.

The African American Policy Forum, a left-wing group dedicated to social justice and gender and diversity issues, is pushing UT faculty to pass the resolution.

However, Adam Kane of the Texas Scorecard noted that Richard Lowry, a professor of finance, was one of the few people who opposed the resolution.

He declared that the resolution was “surprisingly hypocritical” while factoring in the university’s policy of “diversity, equality and inclusion”.

“You have implemented a political test where adherence to critical race theory is required for consideration for employment and promotion, and now you are complaining about this imaginary threat that there could be a ban,” he said. “You can’t place an order and then complain that someone else is trying to undo your order.”

Lori went on to explain how the way the university interprets the phrase “inclusion” is, in fact, a violation of academic freedom. Also, Lori hinted at an attack in 2018 on right-wing student groups, such as the Texas Young Conservatives.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. These human insects must quickly set an example, or else civilization will be destroyed.

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