The Fox News host said he heard that Hunter Biden would be indicted – Indy News

Fox News host Jesse Waters is claiming a source that Hunter Biden will be charged.

Waters added that he would probably be pardoned and that Joe Biden would not be re-elected.

“[W]I can see that Emperor Joe Biden has no clothes, “Waters said in a Friday night episode. Jesse Water Primetime. “Joe Biden is not perfect. Joe Biden is not making anyone happy. He’s not delivering for Republicans or Democrats or anyone. And, his turnout is alarming. And, the Democrats are about to be wiped out. And America knows it. The media does the same. But, the media is too proud to admit they were wrong. So, keep the lid on. ”

Waters then dropped the claim about Hunter Biden, although he did not specify his source.

“We told you this week that his approval rating dropped to 34%,” Waters continued. “He is losing to blacks, whites, Latinos. ‘Primetime’ is hearing that Hunter will be charged. Biden will probably forgive it and announce that he is not running for re-election. So, who else is there to carry the torch? Could it be orange? “

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This month, an Arkansas woman’s lawyer who fought Hunter Biden for child support made a similar prediction, according to a report in the Western Journal.

“I hope he will be indicted,” said Attorney Clint Lancaster. “Based on what I saw in his financial record, I would be surprised if he was not charged.”

The report added, “Last month, Roberts traveled to Delaware to testify before a federal grand jury. Lancaster said he provided a “significant amount of Hunter’s financial records” to investigators following a subpoena. Record, he said, from the child support lawsuit. “

Lancaster said he had “seen a lot of information” which was “problematic” for Biden.

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