The former USAID epidemic officer sent taxpayer money to his personal ‘virus project’.

The US Agency for International Development paid the director of its emerging epidemic threat department about half a million dollars while he was setting up a private virus-hunting agency that received USAID funding, raising ethical and possibly legal issues, according to a watchdog. Group. Dennis Carroll became a minor celebrity early in the COVID-19 epidemic, even starring in the Netflix documentary “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Break” which was filmed before the epidemic but debuted in early 2020. USAID hosted a screening with Carroll. Vietnam.
As part of an investigation into “potentially dangerous viral research funded by taxpayer dollars,” Public Health Watchdog posted documents obtained through the US Right to Know (USRTK) federal and California Public Records Act suggesting that Carol played a significant role in the private global virus project. Did. (GVP) when he was on USAID’s salary-allowance.
Left-leaning good government groups have expressed surprise at Carroll’s arrangement in the USRT. It’s a “fundamental conflict of interest,” even if Carroll finds some loopholes.

The former USAID epidemic official sent taxpayers’ money to his personal ‘virom project’, the Watchdog said, the first populist press appeared in 22 2022.

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