The DOJ claimed that Orange Harris and VP Pence were at the Capitol on Jan. 6

(Washington DC) – In a lawsuit against Trump supporters protesting the January 6, 2020 election, who were on or near the Capitol, the DOJ claims who were at risk at the time. The DOJ claims that both future VP Harris and then-VP Pence were at the Capitol at the time. It turns out both can be false.

In their false accusation against Trump supporters targeted by the DOJ for their actions on January 6, the DOJ has made numerous claims. A relevant claim in the DOJ case is that Biden’s VP Kamala Harris and Trump’s VP Pence were at the Capitol at the time. But is that true?

The mother of one of the participants in the event, who was accused by the DOJ of a criminal act, raised a number of issues with the government case.

Jan. 6 The mother of a political prisoner whose son faces 20 years inside the U.S. Capitol for reporting

One of the items mentioned in the article above is that neither Harris nor Pence was on the Capital during a critical period.

7. Unjust criminal charges (1512a to c)

More than 100 defendants have been charged with 1,512 criminal charges that could land them in prison for many years, with up to 20 years in prison. However, this allegation is not correct, as no session of Congress was held but now it appears that neither of the two primary members Kamala and Pence were actually in the Capitol. They were removed from the field due to the discovery of pipe bombs in DNC and RNC. Harris was at the DNC and Pence moved around 1:40, so no one was present. Note that this allegation was originally leveled against Enron employees who lost evidence that a hearing was being held in DC.

Far-left politics is finally catching up. Politico said in a report yesterday:

Earlier versions of the allegations against Griffin incorrectly indicated that then-Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris – another Secret Service security guard – was at the Capitol Grounds during the riots.

But prosecutors acknowledged their initial dispute was wrong, and Politico has since revealed that Harris was a block away from the Democratic National Committee office when the crowd occupied the building. There, he was removed after authorities discovered a pipe bomb outside. Prosecutors have since removed language related to Harris from hundreds of Capital Riot allegations.

McFadden hammered that point at his command.

“The government has never explained how such a basic truth has gone wrong for so long,” he said. “Presumably, this represents Secret Service personnel – and in criminal cases, the grand jury relies on testimony – in light of all this, Griffin may investigate government evidence of Vice President Pence’s position.”

In the upcoming lawsuit, VP Pence’s position on January 6 is now in question. The Secret Service does not want to say where he was but if he was offsite and not even in the Capitol we would know that the corrupt DOJ would misrepresent where both Harris and Pence were on January 6th.

The post claims that Kamala Harris and VP Pence were at the Capitol during the so-called January 6 riots – it appears that this incident was probably not the first to be published in Gateway Pond.

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