The Chi-Kom sail carrier through the Taiwan Strait only demonstrated power for a few hours

Duan Dang – China’s Shandong aircraft carrier and a Type 052D destroyer were spotted heading to Taiwan on March 17.

In the shadow of USS Destroyer Ralph Johnson, China on Thursday sailed its best aircraft carrier Shandong via the Taiwan Strait.

The demonstration took place just hours before Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke.

China launches aircraft carrier via Taiwan to demonstrate power hours before a phone call with Biden over Ukraine

– Daily Mail Online (ailMailOnline) March 18, 2022

No one is afraid of Joe Biden.

Hill-Yahoo reports:

A Chinese aircraft carrier sailed along the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, hours before President Biden’s scheduled call with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday.

“Around 10:30 a.m., CV-17 arrived about 30 nautical miles southwest of Kinmen and was photographed by a passenger on a civilian flight,” a source familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Taiwan’s defense ministry also confirmed the incident, without elaborating, but said it was “fully aware” of China’s actions in the Taiwanese way.

The source added that Taiwan sent warships and the USS Ralph Johnson and the destroyer USS Earle Burke followed the Chinese ship for part of its voyage.

A few hours before Joe Biden’s call with President Shirley, the Chi-Coms Paul aircraft carrier first appeared at The Gateway Pond through the Taiwan Strait.

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