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Former Attorney General Bill Barr revealed this week that he was “shocked” to hear then-presidential candidate Joe Biden lie about his son Hunter’s laptop during the 2020 presidential debate against then-President Donald Trump.

The New York Times recently confirmed the legitimacy of the laptop, shattering the media’s earlier position that the laptop and its contents could not be “verified.”

During an interview with America Reports, co-host John Roberts asked Barr where the DOJ investigation into the laptop might go, as well as an alleged “heated debate” that said he was with Trump at the Oval Office over Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Below is a copy of the exchange:

Roberts: “Ask Hunter Biden because you wrote about it in some level of detail in the book. When Joe Biden was the candidate, both Jane Sackie dismissed it as mere Russian confusion. Now no one but The New York Times has confirmed that, yes, there was actually a laptop that was dumped in a Delaware store, and yes, it actually contained an email that is now being investigated by the judiciary. You say you shouted at President Trump when he asked you about it. You said, ‘Mr … President, I can’t talk about it, I’m not going.’ Trump protested: ‘You know, if it were one of my kids …’ and you said, ‘Damn, Mr. … President, I’m not going to talk to you about Hunter Biden, Period.’ You’re no longer in the office, so let’s talk about it. Which way do you think it goes? ”

Barr: “Okay, I’m limited in what I can say, because I don’t want to discuss any possible ongoing investigations, but my response to the president there clearly resisted the idea of ​​injecting a candidate’s criminal investigation.” Then the children ran. So, I made it clear that I was not going to discuss the criminal case with him, especially the ones he might be interested in. So, I’ll do it today, but I was very upset during the debate when candidate Biden lied to the American people about laptops. He flinched at the laptop, and he suggested that it was a sign of Russian confusion and a letter from some detective, unfounded, that he knew it was a lie, and I was shocked, and luckily DNI came out and said no. It’s not confusing, the FBI has said the same thing, the media has ignored it. So when you talk about interfering in an election, you can’t think of anything more. “

Roberts: “Knowing what you know about the case, do you think there is any legal responsibility for the president? Maybe not while he’s in office? “

Bar: “I don’t want to comment on that.”

Smith: “Let me ask it another way, Bill. So, obviously it had media coverage, which was obviously highlighted, was all over the place and brutal, and now there’s the New York Post, for example, at the moment the headline is’ The White House The hunter ignores the problem. ‘ Suddenly Jane Saki can’t comment on something she’s commented on many times before. So, does the White House have a problem here? “

Barr: “Okay, I think now, you know, from a political point of view, it’s in people’s minds now, it was suppressed until now, obviously they have a hot potato and it will be interesting to see how they handle it.”

Roberts: “Let me ask you about Ukraine, because when you were with Brett last week, you said you didn’t see it over and Putin was in office. Do you still feel that way? The Ukrainians are promoting the idea that yes, in Russia There are differences of opinion and there are some oligarchs who may be ready to take action against him, but we are not really picking anything outside of Russia that would indicate that anyone is shooting for Putin.

Bar: “Correct.”

ROBERTS: “- And could not stand against it. What do you think? “

Barr: “I agree with that, but I think at the end of the day, it will not be a clear ending, there will be resistance, Russian casualties will continue, it will be chaotic and when it is dragged out, I think Putin is unprotected.” “


The post reveals that what was “very annoying” about Joe Biden was the first conservative brief to appear.

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