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Guest post by Roger Stone

The Assault On Free Speech Steam Up

Freedom of speech is dead in America. Thanks to Democrat / Corporate News Media / Silicon Valley, any talk about the effectiveness and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine, the highly questionable results of the last presidential election, or why Russia has fought Ukraine will get you right away. Prohibited from public dialogue. Ask questions about the intelligence of NATO to deploy missiles in Ukraine on the Russian border or the US funding of biological weapons labs in Ukraine and you will be identified as Putin pro-Putin but no forum has denied this ridiculous claim. God forbid that you oppose World War III!

I am not new to this increasingly effective effort to stifle freedom of speech and expression. In 2017, I was banned from Twitter for life where I had 980k followers and I regularly posted an intense, truth-based comment on my Twitter feed. Twitter executives never explicitly told me that any of my posts forced me to be deported but I think it was one of my posts where I was struck by the feeling of Jake Tapper that knocked me out which was then a lively net-based debate.

With the additional de-platforming of more conservative voices on Twitter, the whole platform has turned into a swamp of hate fever and, in the case of me and my family, blood lust. The Twitter community thought it was positively hysterically funny just a few weeks ago when Saturday Night Live jokingly suggested that my 73-year-old wife, who is hearing impaired and recovering from stage 4 cancer, had been gang-raped by members on January 6th. Because of the House Committee’s decision to claim my 5th Amendment right regarding their witch hunting.

EXCLUSIVE: Naidia Stone speaks after SNL monsters “joke” she should be gang raped multiple times in a corner

The day the DC Court of Appeals convicted me of fraud in a Soviet-style show trial, I was the victim of Judge Amy Berman Jackson after Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his thugs accused me of lying to Congress about Russian reconciliation, which they later admitted to their long revision. The report, however, never existed and for which, in my particular case, they found no evidence. Facebook has produced a 95-page report by some fraudulent research group funded by George Soros, falsely claiming that I own and control over 100 fake Facebook profiles.

This clever mix of innocent information and offensive fiction was used as an excuse to ban me from Facebook, separating me from the 3.5 million followers spread across the Facebook page for each of my personal page and my best-selling books. Specify the page for my blog, Since Facebook’s fascists also own Instagram, I was banned there for life, and there was widespread frustration among my 85k followers on that platform.

Last week, I gave a speech in San Diego, where I outlined a thorough constitutional and legal path for Donald Trump to return to the White House before 2024, for which Republicans must take control of both houses in 2022, a by-election. Hardcore America First Republicans in every House will deny confirmation of a new appointee after confirming Donald Trump to be House Speaker and removing Joe Biden from power by his own party under the 25th Amendment. Vice President and President Kamala Harris confirmed the impeachment.

Roger Stone Exclusive: A Legal, Political and Constitutional Plan to Bring President Trump Back to the White House

As a real political operative, I frankly acknowledge that this path is narrow but I also note that the instability of our current politics makes the offensive and unimaginable political situation entirely possible. If you believe that Joe Biden received 81 million votes, I will take it as proof that something is possible.

My speech and the “Stone Plan” I mentioned in it were very well received, and when I posted the video on YouTube, I was immediately pleased to see that I had more than a thousand downloads.

Needless to say, I wasn’t shocked when Youtube informed me a few hours later that they had deleted the entire Stone Cold Truth YouTube channel because my discussion of electoral fraud violated their “community standard.”

What shocked me was that when Frank Morano of WABC Radio in New York interviewed me about the “Stone Plan” and its political implications, WABC’s Youtube channel was also suspended. Incredible

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, about a month ago I spoke in Canton, Ohio where I talked about presidential election fraud, my own personal reassurance in my faith in Jesus Christ and my deep appreciation for this truth. The healing power of the Lord, my 30 year old wife survived stage 4 cancer.

When I post this speech on Vimeo, I am banned.

Instead of being frustrated by this suffocation of free speech, I believe it relies solely on the growing frustration of the cable that the country is currently running as a description of the Kovid-19, the latest presidential election, and the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. A growing number of Americans are becoming known. America’s “Esther” moment is coming. It is important to note that in every biblical epic battle where God’s forces go to war, they are both always irresistible and victorious. The same will happen in America.

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Roger Stone’s Exclusive Post: The Assault on Free Speech Pick Up Steam first appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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