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Monday May 23, 2022

The Arizona Senate has passed a school transparency bill that gives parents the right to view

The Arizona Senate passed a bill this week that would increase academic transparency, giving parents the right to see what is being taught in schools.

As reported by Just the newsThe bill passed the party line by 16 to 13 votes.

The bill establishes a right of parents to know what is being taught in public schools, and schools must post specific learning materials used in each institution on its website.

“I see a huge advantage in that,” Arizona Sen. Paul Boyer said in a statement ‚ÄúTeachers submit regular lesson plans. They do it every week. The bill calls for posting a Google Doc or a Word Doc to any parent who wants to see it … is another benefit for teachers as well. ”

“If, say, presumably, I’m in a ‘D’ or ‘F’ school, it would be nice to know … what ‘A’ schools are doing?” He continued. “Maybe, maybe, I could understand ‘A’ What schools are doing and I could do it in my classroom. ”

“The heart of the bill is that all materials are available to parents because they need access,” Sen. Nancy Barto, Bill’s patron, says: “They need to know what is being presented to their children.”

The bill now goes to the Arizona House of Representatives, which has a 31 to 29 majority.

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