The বি 1.5 trillion 2,500 pages of the spending bill are full of pork and waste

(Washington DC) – The $ 1.5 trillion bill is full of pork and waste and yet passed within 24 hours of its release. Apparently, no one read it.

Adam Andrezevsky, founder and CEO of, recently reported on a bill that would have passed a bill full of waste passed by Congress. Adam shared:

The bill is 2,700 pages – Length of ten books.

Congress had less than a day to read the bill before they voted. President Biden has already signed a – 1.5 trillion public spending bill. Magic!

If our representatives do not know what they are voting for, do we really have a representative republic?

Here are some examples of what was in the bill:

1 million For a “farm-to-refrigerator training facility” in Pennsylvania
2 million For the Climate Change Center at George Mason University
$ 2.5 million For a museum in Vermont.
3 million For the benefit of fishermen’s cages in Guam

Earmarks are the ‘currency of congressional corruption.’ Legal bribes paid to members’ pet projects for voting.

(It only takes 367 pages to list yearmarks alone!)

Here is an interview with Adam about unnecessary bills.

This cost is so dangerous. Now the dollar is close to falling.

The post The post $ 1.5 trillion 2,500 bill pages full of pork and waste (video) first appeared in The Gateway Pundit.

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