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Tuesday May 24, 2022

Ted Cruz Grylls Ketanji Jackson for his flexibility towards sexual predators – Jackson

On Tuesday, Ted Cruz Biden found his first crack in questioning Supreme Court-nominated judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, and the Texas senator was not far behind.

Cruz, who attended Harvard Law School at the same time as Jackson, used his legal skills to grill his ex-classmate about his record of incredibly humble punishment when it comes to sex offenders – especially those who possess child pornography.

Following Sen. Josh Howley’s opening remarks yesterday, where he outlined Jackson’s disturbing history of such offenders, Cruz broke down each of the ten cases involving child pornography that Jackson presided over and showed exactly how long he had cut their hair. Recommended punishment.

For every child pornography – 10/10 – Jackson has imposed mandatory minimum sentences that were approved by law, and / or significantly reduced their jail time compared to the prosecution’s recommendation.

And, as Cruz noted, he served at the time in the Washington, D.C., district court, where there are prosecutors who are fairly ‘liberal’ compared to most parts of the country.

Yet, according to Cruz, somehow, Jackson unwittingly reduced prison time for the crime by almost half (47%) by “100% of the time.”

Let’s see:

Ted Cruz outlines his white board on how Ketanji Brown Jackson convicted defendants of child pornography on average 47.2% less than prosecutors recommended.

– Greg Price (reg greg_price11) March 22, 2022

After making his argument as clear as possible, Cruz asked Jackson point-out whether his record in this type of case was doing enough to protect exploited children.

“Do you believe that children’s voices can be heard when 100% of the time you are punishing those who possess child pornography much less than the prosecutor wanted?” Cruz asks.

Jackson’s reaction is exactly how radical he speaks.


Imagine a judge sitting in our court who doesn’t really feel judgmental when answering questions, and answers them in the same way as a politician would prevent him from answering questions. “As a mother I take these cases very seriously …” Don’t convince her

– Andrew James (@ AndrewJims1) March 22, 2022

Biden’s Scotus Peak spent a hellish day on Capitol Hill. In the last few hours, he has defended his advocacy on behalf of Islamist terrorists who have killed Americans, unfoundedly justified the flexible punishment of his pedophile – more than once – and repeatedly exposed his fundamentalism.

And, we’re on the first day of questioning. This is going to be a long week.

Jackson is the most radical pick in the history of the High Court. It can’t be bad.
Is there another judge with a worse record than this woman?

Post Video: Ted Cruz Grylls Ketanji Jackson About His Humility To Sex Poachers – Jackson cuts the sentence proposed by almost half of the 100% child porn cases in The First The Gateway Pundit.


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