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Justice Thomas A-OK! Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been released from a hospital in Washington after a week-long stay there due to an infection, the High Court announced Friday.

Thomas, 73, was admitted to Sibylli Memorial Hospital last week when he began showing “flu-like symptoms,” the court heard Sunday.

The Supreme Court judge was reportedly treated at the hospital with antibiotics.

Justice Thomas has a long history in the Supreme Court, having held the office with dignity since 1991. He is often a personal person, and is rarely known for giving or attending interviews. Thomas’ relatively recent and rare appearance in such format dates back to 2017 when he appeared with Fox News host Laura Ingraham to discuss life after the death of the late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia in the United States Supreme Court.

“Okay, I think the most charitable thing to say is that it’s different,” Thomas said of issues like working in court without sclera after his passing. “I think my colleagues would agree … there was a way to fill the house with his personality, his wit mocking his humor … it’s very different for me personally.”

“It’s a completely different court without him,” Thomas recalled.

Reports of allegations that Justice Thomas’ wife, Biden, and other left-wing actors tried to steal the 2020 election came after his release from hospital. It is important to note that Thomas never mentioned her husband or the court in leaked messages between her and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. He is also known to have referred to the “Biden crime family”.

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