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The following article, POLL: Support for No-fly Zone is Mixed, was first published in Big League Politics.

When it comes to implementing a no-fly zone, Americans are reluctant to follow such measures.

Establishing a no-fly zone in Ukraine would give US or NATO forces the ability to shoot Russian aircraft over Ukrainian airspace. Such a move would undoubtedly increase tensions and increase the likelihood of a nuclear exchange.

A YouGov vote Conducted From March 10 to March 14, after surveying the people about the establishment of the no-fly zone showed different data points. But the caution here was the formulation of the question.

When people Understanding A no-fly zone that includes, they begin to understand the dangers of supporting such a policy.

Regardless of the definition of a no-fly zone, 40% supported the idea, while 35% were uncertain and 25% opposed.

When voters were informed about the definition of a no-fly zone, 43% opposed the idea. On the other hand, only 23% would support no-fly zone implementation and 34% were uncertain.

The American people still have strong anti-war tendencies, regardless of the pornographic heat of the corporate media. However, it is still frustrating to watch Republican Party As many elected officials continue to call for war in the no-fly zone, increasing military aid to Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia.

At this time of mass hysteria, it is up to the national populists to be the voices of moderation in foreign policy. America cannot wake itself up in a nuclear conflict.

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