Stephen A. Smith’s Explosion Wrong After Will Smith’s Oscar Fiasco

Social media naturally stirred up after actor Chris Rock, along with Will Smith, was slapped at the Oscars’ annual walkfest last night. Not surprisingly, sports talk show host Stephen A. Smith had his say on the matter, and you can be sure he told his two cents world about the situation.

Unfortunately, he didn’t think twice before tweeting, and as a result made a serious mistake.

Stephen criticized Will for showing physical strength over the rock. But in an attempt to embarrass the actor, Stephen uses the wrong Twitter handle and criticizes his co-host in the end. Brad and Will have created a tech pod Podcast, who shared the same name as actor Ninja Warrior.

This was definitely a wake up call for the podcast host.

Despite being inadvertently stabbed in the national spotlight, his response was both ridiculous and mature.

While the podcast host probably had to deal with a decent amount of confusion and embarrassment, the size of his podcast and social media audience is likely to skyrocket in the coming days.

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