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(Washington DC) – Republican Alice Stefanik (R., NY) says Democrats of female Republican congressional candidates are “running for the mountains.”

“I haven’t heard of Democrats running for office in these target districts,” Stephanik told a news conference Monday. “I think most of them are playing defense.”

Stephanie has appeared with 10 “rising stars” she recently supported through her E-PAC, which works to elect female Republicans to office. These candidates – a party consisting of one veteran and several former Trump administration alumni – believe Stephanie could win 50 Republican women seats in Congress in November.

With Democrats fighting the election, Republicans are excited about their middle ground. More than 70 percent of Americans say the United States is on the wrong track under President Joe Biden, according to a recent NBC News poll. The same poll reported that the presidential approval rating dropped to 40 percent, the lowest ever.

The candidates present with Stefanik echoed the criticism of the Biden administration and its allies, the chairperson of the GOP conference. Myra Flores, who is running for a seat in Texas’ 34th Congressional District, said Democrats have lost contact with Hispanic voters.

“The Democratic Party thinks we deserve the vote,” said Flores, who immigrated to the United States as a child. The former immigrant activist said his election would “send a strong message to the Democrats” and inspire “thousands of children” to work on “anything possible in America”.

This was stated by Morgan Ortagas, a State Department official under former President Donald Trump. Washington Free Beacon He was “honored” to receive approval from Stephanik.

“She’s a trailblazer for conservative, patriotic women, and she’s been instrumental in pushing Democrats against the awakening, socialist agenda,” said Ortagas, who is running in Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District.

The latest group of e-pack-backed candidates includes Trump White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative Commissioner Casey Garcia, who is running in Texas’ 28th District, and Florida’s 13th District Air Force veteran Anna Paulina Luna. E-PAC has approved 18 candidates before the interim term.

According to the e-pack, more than 280 Republican women have applied to fight for this cycle on behalf of Congress. Since its inception in 2019, the group has raised 3.2 million for Republican women. During the last congressional election, Republicans blamed E-Pak candidates for 11 of the 15 seats.

Republicans will have to reverse five seats to regain a House majority. Ortagas believes this is possible.

“It’s going to be a pink wave,” he told a news conference Monday. “Republican women around the country are going to fire Nancy Pelosi, who is going to take back the House. And I’m excited and excited to be a part of it. “

Post Stephanie says the GOP women appeared at the first Washington Free Beacon to overtake the Democrats.

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