Stephanie Ruhle is furious at the bar book, promising to cut off Twitter followers

Brandon Gillespie of Fox News reports that MSNBC 11th hour Host Stephanie Ruhel reacted angrily to a tweet from CNN’s Brian Stelter on Wednesday night announcing that former Attorney General Bill Barr’s new book One disgusting thing after another Last hit # 1 New York Times List of best sellers. Ruhle sounded like an angry mother who found a forbidden thing in a child’s bedroom because she suggested she stop following someone on Twitter who actually bought the man’s memoirs.

This is a bit strange, since Bar’s book is a “tell it all” by Donald Trump. But even when you’re a bigoted liberal, you don’t want a conservative to be a best-seller, apparently. One user claimed one of the reasons for the book’s success was that “you can start your network with three interviews to promote it. Invaluable.” “Not on my show,” Ruhel replied. .

It’s also weird that, as Kyle Drainen mentions, in 2018 Stuart Daniels shared with Attorney Michael Avenatti on Ruhel Hossainas – who was later humiliated and sent to prison. He agreed. “She’s an animal … she’s. ”

He apologized to Avenati for suggesting frequent TV appearances: “I apologize to Michael Avenatti. For the past few weeks, I’ve been saying, ‘Enough, already, Michael, I’ve seen you everywhere.’ What do you have to say? “I was wrong brother. You have a lot to say. Democrats can learn something from you. You’re messing with Trump a lot more than they are. “

And speaking of role models, in May 2020, Ruhel proudly posted a picture on Instagram with her son Reese and a pornographer, and Husler Magazine owner Larry Flint. “Happy birthday to this hustler,” he wrote, which must have been a reference to his son, since Flint’s birthday was in November. Flint died last year. Bill Barr must be a little confused about Ruhel’s moral values.

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