Spring breakers have run for their lives after three people were killed in gunfire in the south

More than 500,000 college co-editors have landed on Florida beaches for this year’s Spring Break Party.

South Beach officials worked to avoid last year’s riots and enforced a new law that limits alcohol sales after 2 p.m.

Despite increased police presence and additional measures to prevent violence, gunfire erupted on Ocean Drive from midnight on Saturday to Sunday morning.

Spring breakers heard gunshots and ran for their lives.

The three were shot and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, police said.

CNN reports:

A gunman injured three people over a Miami Beach spring break weekend.

Ernesto Rodriguez, a spokesman for the Miami Beach Police Department, said the two men were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds after officers responded to a shooting in Ocean Drive shortly after midnight.

“At 12:15 a.m. Sunday, officers responded to a shooting along the 800 block of Ocean Drive,” Rodriguez said. “The two victims were located with an apparent gunshot wound and were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital by Miami Beach Fire Rescue with non-life-threatening injuries.”

According to preliminary information, a third person was also injured in the same shooting scene, police said.

“We later received a call from Mount Sinai Hospital indicating that a man had been shot, which also posed a non-life threat,” Rodriguez said.

“Detectives are talking to a number of people to determine what happened at the time of the shooting,” he added.

Video (Language Alert):

Then it is trampled # Gunfight On # Miami Beach On #oceandrive btwn 8th and 9th 12:16 AM. We were there. Video: VictorPoyer09 MiamiBichNews Uninoticus wsvn Telemundo51 @ Telemundo News pic.twitter.com/vY5i2e5WA6

– Annabel Gago (gago_anabel) March 20, 2022


There was a stampede on Thursday night – St. Patrick’s Day, after the gun scare in Miami!


We were told we had to bring the car back #OceanDrive. The only way to keep people from “gathering” and “partying” was to erase our dream of a world-class pedestrian promenade and replace cars with people.

Last night, St. Patty’s Day, the thesis was examined. pic.twitter.com/dI0kU7zhoX

– Better Streets Miami Beach (@BikeWalkMB) March 18, 2022

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