SpongeBob Democrat who got drunk on little girls sleepover, swore to them and

Oklahoma Democrat Abby Broiles got drunk at a little girls slipover party last month. He swore to the girls and insisted that she was a woman of color. Then he threw up their little shoes.

Abby Broils is running in the US House of Representatives as a Democrat.
Of course.

Oklahoma’s female Democratic House candidate gets drunk, girls 12 and 13 go to sleep while watching the Titanic.

He swears to them, telling them that he is a man of color, insults a girl’s acne and throws her in one of the girl’s shoes. https://t.co/cQv2jzh7aG pic.twitter.com/oDWaqMhYaA

– Richard Hanania (Richard Hanania) February 22, 2022

Abby blames her drugs and free-flowing wine for the explosion.

Through Tulsa World.

Oklahoma City Democrat Abby Broiles, running for Congress, said Friday that the combination of drugs and alcohol led to a bizarre scene last weekend where he allegedly molested and threw at young girls at a sleeping party at least twice.

In an interview with NBC-authorized KFOR in Oklahoma City, Broyles said he was blacked out while a friend was at Dear Creek’s home, and his daughter had several friends at a party. He said he mixed wine with an insomnia drug that he had never taken.

“I don’t remember anything until I woke up – or came – and I was throwing in a hamper,” Broyles said in an interview.

The comments contradicted Broyles ‘outright denial on the online publication NonDoc, which posted a detailed story about Broyles’ insults and drinking on Thursday. Brawls told Nondock that he did not attend the Feb. 11 party and that he was out of town.

Here’s the latest from the Broyles campaign-

Abby announced this week that she was suspending her campaign. He will work his happiness instead.
Hopefully, this will not include any more sleeping incidents with grade school girls.
The Epoch Times reports:

An Oklahoma Democrat running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives announced March 24 that he was ending his campaign after he had drunk and scolded middle school girls in Sliver.

Abby Broyles says the incident forced her to attempt suicide and she will no longer campaign so she can “focus on herself and my happiness.”

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