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As the news cycle on the prospect of World War III remained so stable, the expression of anguish induced by Republicans’ interrogation of Corey Booker’s KBJ over the weekend was also significant. Did he forget that Kavanagh was the victim?

Simply put, KGBJ’s KGB-esque interrogation was to give him some of the opinions that made Booker very nervous. He apparently grilled with aggressive, quick-fire questions that would disturb the neurons of most Mensa members.

“When does life begin, in your opinion?” Senator Kennedy asked innocently.

“Senator, I don’t know,” Jackson replied, smiling orange.

To make matters worse, Senator Blackburn – whose name reflects his terrible grilling habits – wanted to know what KBJ meant by “female.” Shame on him / her.

And so, Spartacus explained, “I think there were many moments like this, which were frustrating and disappointing to me.”

“Can an unborn baby experience pain at 20 weeks in the process of birth?” Senator Graham asked, and Corey’s hot air balloon crashed.

“Senator, I don’t know,” Jackson replied. Shows how defeated is the ‘science team’.

The judge has no knowledge or opinion about the fetal-tissue problem, but has “personal, religious and otherwise beliefs that have nothing to do with the law when it comes to life.” The definition of ‘faith’ refers to something that one accepts as true or real – a firm hold Opinions. They assume that law school does not cover that.

The good news is that in the end, Jackson defined what it meant to be a woman because he stood silently to his investigative tormentors. # I’m with him.

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