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(Washington DC) – The Southern Poverty Law Center, best known for its extensive list of hate groups, is racist, according to its staff.

Members of the SPLC union staged a protest outside their employer’s office on Monday, opposing plans to allow certain employees of the legal advocacy group to return to personal work. The union, in a statement, claimed that the move targeted black women because it would require employees in primarily low-level positions to return to office.

“More highly respected work class workers and those with higher pay are being given the flexibility to work remotely, while female, black, brown and low paid employees are forced to return to the office regardless of our work, our needs, and our support for more inclusive treatment.” Lisa Wright, a member of the union’s bargaining committee, said: “It’s not a matter of cooperation or collaboration to get employees back in office – it’s about policing and monitoring SPLC’s lowest paid employees.”

“Forcing employees to return to office is not about cooperation or collaboration – it’s about policing and surveillance splcenterIts the lowest paid employees. “

#BlackWomenAtWork #BlackwomenAreNotThehelp# Minimum Wage Maximum Cost#SPLCisNot Eradicating Poverty#WeWillNotBeignored

– SPLC union (LCSPLCunion) March 28, 2022

The SPLC did not respond to a request for comment on who should return to office.

The SPLC publishes an annual “hate map” that has sparked controversy over the inclusion of conservative organizations as hate groups. In 2012, a gunman entered the Family Research Council, a pro-family advocacy group, in an attempt to shoot a mob, which he said was inspired by labeling the SPLC group as anti-gay. The SPLC added Ben Carson to its “extremist” watch list in 2014 but backtracked on the criticism and apologized.

“The [SPLC] The mission is committed to alleviating poverty when it insults the work of its black female employees through low pay and in private appearances, ”said one organizer. Tweet. “As সদস্যSPLCunion members say there are no snacks in flower food! # Practice what you promote. “

SPLC and its lobbying group have net assets of about 70 570 million.

#SPLC Staff and LCSPLCunion Members remind us that compulsory return to office for * only * low-wage workers is a matter of policing and surveillance – that the problems splcenter They insist on fighting. # Practice what you promote

– Stef (stefwithanfany) March 28, 2022

Post-South Poverty Law Center racist, employees say, first appeared in Washington Free Beacon.

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