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The following article, South Dakota Governors Bill Science Ending All Considered Carrie Fee, was first published in Big League Politics.

By the people, for the people! South Dakota Republican Gov. Christy Noym passed the Second Amendment on Tuesday, rejoicing South Dakota-loving Americans after the state signed into law repealing all secret carry permit fees.

“Three years ago, I took a bold stand by signing constitutional law to make sure there were no barriers between South Dakotan and their rights,” Noem told Fox News. ‚ÄúThis week, I have taken steps to overcome a financial hurdle. You should not spend a penny to enforce your Second Amendment rights. Governments exist to protect our rights, not profit from them.

Today, I signed the law to abolish all secret carrying fees.

It will not cost you a penny to exercise your Second Amendment rights in South Dakota.

– Governor Christy Noem (govkristinoem) March 22, 2022

According to the National Rifle Association, the bill, SB 212, “reduces the cost of a South Dakota carry permit by $ 0”.

“SB212 allows those who wish to use the South Dakota reciprocal agreement with other states and their right to self-defense is not heavily burdened by a tax,” the NRA-ILA wrote.

Other bills recently signed by Noam to strengthen South Dakotans’ Second Amendment rights include Senate Bill 195 and House Bill 1162. Fox News reports that the bills clarify state stand-by ground laws and provide an updated definition of “loaded firearms”, respectively. .

The politics of the Big League It has previously covered numerous examples of advances in gun rights across the country. In both Alabama and Louisiana, their state senate passed forward-forward bills to carry out unauthorized “constitutional” carrying in the past, only the former was enacted into law after the veto, and the bill failed due to a change of heart by Louisiana lawmakers.

Noem is taking legal action late, recently signing a bill that makes it harder for women to take abortion pills. The MSN report claims that the new bill requires three visits to a clinic instead of two for women before taking the abortion pill.

“South Dakota will continue to make progress in enacting legislation that protects the lives of unborn children,” Naeem said as he spoke of the law. “The two bills I’m signing today are very important because they protect mothers as well.”

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