Snow will arrive soon, but will not have much effect – Indy News

Statewide-Snow is expected across Indiana on Friday and early Saturday.

“The snow we are going to see is not going to be very effective. Little by little the rain is mixing. It will not affect traffic or anything like that. With the onset of spring, you’ll see some snow around, “said Jason Puma, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Puma said the best chance of snowfall would be near places like Munshi

“If you go north of I-70, the best chance for a rain / snow mix would be for the further north. If you go further south toward the Ohio River, those chances are lower. “ Puma said.

Although the temperature will start to rise early next week.

“Monday will be around 46 and there will be partly sunny skies. We will have a chance of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, only 40% chance. Temperature recovery will continue. We will have high temperatures between the high 50s on Tuesday and the low 60s on Wednesday, ”Puma said.

Puma said it was a “uniform forecast” across Indiana. He does not expect rain or snow to accumulate with this system.

Listen: Full interview with Jason Puma

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