Senator Cruz and Durbin had a verbal blowout during the Jackson confirmation hearing.

Matters became heated during the 3-day confirmation hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Senator Ted Cruz and Dick Durbin, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, exchanged harsh words when Durbin did not allow Cruz to finish his question.

Like many Republican senators, Cruise Judge Jackson specifically sought answers to past punishments meted out to child sex offenders. As he neared his deadline, Cruz called Jackson to answer his question. Darwin slammed his gibble to signal the end of his time. Senator Cruz pressured Jackson to at least answer his proposed question.

“You took me a minute.”

Durbin responded quickly “You’ve been given extra time, you usually want it.”

Cruz accused Durbin of stealing his time, “I know you want to stop …”

Tried to end the conversation with Durbin “I want you to follow the rules.”

While they were talking to each other, Cruz fired back “If you want to testify, you are welcome.” Cruz then tried to continue his interrogation on a specific case, but Judge Jackson humbly appeared.

Durbin has announced “You are not a recognized senator.” Cruz repeatedly asked why Darbin Jackson did not want to answer the question. Durbin replied, “Don’t let him down anyway.”

Cruz continues to ask Jackson for Darbin to answer his question.

“Why don’t you, the American people, want to know what happened in the Stuart case? Or which case? Chairman Durbin, I have never seen a chairman refuse to answer a witness. “

After hitting Givel again, Darwin moved on to the next senator that Senator Cruz shot, “You can push it as hard as you want.”

Conversation with Durbin is over “I can tell you at some point you have to follow the rules.”

Check out the verbal spat between the two senators here:

Senator Ted Cruz Ketanji asks Brown Jackson why he sentenced a child pornographer to 40 months in prison under federal guidelines and the advice of prosecutors.

Democrats won’t let him answer and cut Cruz.

– RNC Research (NRNCResearch) March 23, 2022

The post about the oral injury of Senator Cruz and Durbin first appeared on 93.1FM WIBC during the Jackson confirmation hearing.

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