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Indiana Greater Senator Mike Brown:

It has recently come to the notice of “Rob Kendall and the Show to Be Named Letter” that public speaking may not be your strength.

In case of point: On Tuesday morning, during Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing and an interview on Rowe v. Wade’s court ruling, you said that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1967 that it was wrong to legalize interracial marriage in its Loving v. Virginia judgment. .

We believe that your intent was to argue in your answer that, according to the mathematical powers clause of the US Constitution, marriage is not within the purview of the federal government. We also believe that you intend to say that marriage is not within the jurisdiction of the state government.

Simply put: It is our sincere opinion that you are right in arguing that the government should not be involved in the issue of marriage; The person should be able to marry whomever he wants.

Sadly, you have failed to present your argument clearly and effectively, sir.

Instead, you rightly mentioned that Rowe vs. Wade It was a form of judicial activism, and the matter should have been left to the state You have applied the same argument when asked about Loving vs. VirginiaSpecifies:

“When it comes to problems, you can’t have it both ways. When you want to brighten up that diversity within our federal system, there will be rules and procedures, they will go out of sync with what other states will do. That’s the beauty of the system, and that’s where the differences between our 50 states’ perspectives should manifest themselves. “

When asked again if interracial marriage is an issue that should be left to individual states, you answered:

“I think it’s something that if you don’t want the Supreme Court to keep an eye on things like this, you won’t be able to eat your cake and you won’t be able to eat it either. I think it’s hypocrisy. “

Poorly pronounced? Definitely. Are you done? No sir!

Instead of clarifying the ownership of what you have said and what you really mean, you have issued a statement in response to public criticism that you “misunderstood a line of question that ended up about interracial marriage.”

You: “Let me be clear on that. There is no question of the Constitution prohibiting any form of racial discrimination, it is not something that is even for debate, and I condemn racism in any form, at any level, and by any state, organization or individual.” By. “

Definitely a good way to handle this, sir, and Rob Kendall is here to help. This special presentation of helpful advice is presented below for your convenience, Senator Brown. This service is free.

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