Secretary of State Blinken has claimed that Biden “will remedy Iran’s aggression

The AP has issued a statement in support of the Biden administration in its insane deal with Iran.

Biden will pay billions to the world’s number one terrorist state and give it everything it wants right after the US bombing of Iran.

This is not in the best interests of the United States. It is treasonous and insane.

We reported just two weeks ago on the Biden-Obama administration that Iran had given Iran everything it wanted in a deal after the bombing of a US base in Iraq.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards take credit for rocket attack on US base in Irbil, Iraq – 10 days after Iran asked Biden to remove them from the terror list

Biden is giving Iran everything it wants in a deal that only helps Iran and pushes other Middle Eastern countries away from the United States and towards China and Russia. There is nothing in the Biden agreement that is good for the United States.

We have reported that Russia and China are negotiating on behalf of the United States in the Biden agreement, which is as insane as the Taliban’s defense of US troops in Afghanistan. As a result, 13 US soldiers were killed.

Biden calls his catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan a “tremendous success” for 13 US service members and stranded Americans (video)

According to experts and US senators, Iran is pushing the deal. Biden’s deal with Iran shows that he is an illegitimate president and the world knows it. When President Trump is willing to stand up against Iran, he sees peace in the Middle East. Now Saudi Arabia is going to Russia and China for protection and against the United States.

Although the whole world knows that the Iran deal is insane and self-defeating for the United States, Biden-Obama is moving forward. No matter how insane their activities in the court of Biden Gang are, one thing is the corrupt fake news media.

The AP has revealed in a piece that the Biden gang is merely consolidating the Iran deal to protect the world from Iran which is a bad joke as all. In an article from Newsmax, the AP said:

The Biden administration is working to renew the 2015 nuclear deal, which imposed sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars to ease sanctions. In support of Israel, the Trump administration withdrew from the agreement in 2018, which led to its unveiling.

Although Iran has moved forward with its nuclear program, Israel and the Gulf Arab states are deeply concerned about the restoration of the original agreement. Israel fears it does not include adequate security measures to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Both Israel and its Gulf allies believe that relief from economic sanctions will allow Iran to increase its military activities throughout the region, including in support of hostile militant groups.

Blinken said the United States believes that restoring the nuclear deal is “the best way to get Iran’s program back in the box.” He added: “Our commitment to the core principle that Iran will never acquire a nuclear weapon is unwavering.”

He pledged to co-operate with Israel in countering Iran’s “aggressive behavior” across the region.

President Trump has been involved in four Middle East peace agreements since the imposition of sanctions on Iran. It’s a joke the AP suggests that Iran is not moving forward with its nuclear program after Obama’s insane deal with Iran. President Trump’s tough sanctions on Iran have brought peace, a renewed deal that brings Iran a nuclear bomb.

Biden should be removed from office if the deal goes through. It is anti-American and goes against what America says.

Post Secretary of State Blinken claims that Biden will “deal with Iran’s aggressive behavior”

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