Sean Penn has said he will destroy his Oscar if he does not allow the Ukrainian president

Actor Sean Penn has said that if the academy does not allow Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to speak, he will publicly smell his Oscars.

In an interview with CNN, Penn claimed that the academy has a “responsibility” to provide the Ukrainian president with a platform during their show.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards show airs Sundays.

“The Academy Awards can’t do more than give all of us (Zelensky) a chance to talk. The decision not to do this is understandable to me. I’m not commenting on whether President Zelensky wanted to, “Penn said.

Penn won an Oscar for his role Milk And Mystic River.

In February, Penn was in Ukraine filming a documentary for Vice.

“If (the academy) chooses not to follow the lead of Ukraine, which is taking bullets and bombs for us, with the Ukrainian children that they are trying to protect, then I think every one of those people and every bit of that decision is the most obscene moment in all Hollywood history.” Will be, “Penn added.

Penn called on more people to boycott the show if Zelensky was not invited to speak.

Sean Penn deserves another Oscar for his performance on CNN, where he said he would lose all his Oscars if he decided to speak out against Hollywood Zelensky.

– heweymedia (heweymedia) March 27, 2022

“If it comes back, I’ll smell it in public. I pray that what happened. I pray that there are no arrogant people who consider themselves to be the greater good representatives of my industry, with the leadership of Ukraine (decided against checking). So I’m just going to hope that’s not what happened. I hope (every participant) will come out if it happens, “Penn said.

As of Sunday afternoon, no decision had been made on whether Zelensky would be present.

Academy officials are still debating whether Zelensky will actually appear briefly on the show, sources said. It is unclear whether he will appear in a live or taped message. The New York Post reported.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

ABC, which airs the show, is said to have made a statement in favor of Zelensky, a former actor. ABC did not return a request for comment, “the report said.

Actress Mila Kunis, who was born in Ukraine, and her husband Ashton Kutcher are expected to make a statement during the show. They raised $ 35 million for Ukrainian refugees.

.aplusk And Mila Kunis was the first to respond to our grief. They have already raised 35 million and are sending it Flexport And Airbnb To help refugees. Grateful for their support. Fascinated by their determination. They inspire the world. # Stand with Ukraine

– Volodymyr Zelensky (@zelenskyUA) March 20, 2022

Zelensky himself thanked them for their efforts.

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