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Tuesday May 24, 2022

SCOTUS has made big decisions regarding vaccine mandate for Navy SEALs – Indy News

The Supreme Court has moved a lower court order that would force the navy to deploy special operations troops who are still awaiting a decision on their religious exemption to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

The decision means special operations forces, including more than two dozen Navy SEALs, will not be deployed or punished if they continue to challenge the mandate in court, CNN reported.

Dissenting votes came from Conservative Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch.

Justice Alito, speaking on behalf of himself and Justice Gorsuch, stated that he believed there was a “compulsory interest” in preventing the Covid-19 infection from “disrupting the Navy’s ability to carry out vital duties” but rejected the summary. Requests for religious exemptions were not “in any way the least limited way” to advance his interests.

Dissenters say the Navy has treated the Challengers “Shabili” with “those who have volunteered to take on dangerous and demanding responsibilities to protect our country.”

But Conservative Justice Brett Kavanagh sided with the majority, saying he saw no “basis for appointing the judiciary in a way that military commanders believe would weaken the US military because it protects the American people.”

Defendants in the lawsuit – including more than two dozen Navy SEALs – say they have religious objections to the vaccine mandate and are seeking a waiver.

A district court has ruled against the Biden administration and a federal appeals court has refused to take action, saying it did not show the “highest interest” that would allow plaintiffs to be vaccinated in violation of their religious beliefs.

The administration has not challenged a portion of the ban that protected SEALs and other employees from being discharged for being undisciplined or unvaccinated.

But the administration wanted the judges to block part of the verdict so that the navy needed to recruit and deploy 35 non-vaccinated members of the special operations force while the appeal process was ongoing.

Solicitor General Elizabeth Prilogar told the judges in court papers that the Navy had informed her that it had already been forced to send a challenger to Hawaii to take charge of the submarine “against his military verdict”.

This is not the first time that Justice Kavanagh has disappointed conservatives. In January, after another lawsuit involving the Vaccine Mandate, Fox News host Tucker Carlson described him as “a little liberal.”

Federal Medicare and Medicaid were angry at Carlson Kavanagh for joining Chief Justice John Roberts and three liberal High Court judges to uphold President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for paid healthcare benefits.

In an interview with Harmeet Dhillon of the Center for American Liberties, Carlson called the ruling “unfortunate … given the huge shortage of healthcare workers in our hospital right now.”

“There’s no help from Brett Kavanagh, I’ve noticed. Slightly liberal,” Carlson joked before adding that he would not comment on Dhillon’s remarks before asking if democracy still exists in the United States.

Other conservatives have taken to social media to express their displeasure over the so-called ‘conservative’ High Court’s decision to abandon their healthcare mandate.

“The Supreme Court, through its OSHA, has rightly ruled that Joe Biden’s vaccine order is illegal and unconstitutional. It was never well-established in science or law, “Republican Matt Gates (R-Fla.) Wrote on Twitter before taking a verbal shot at President Biden.

“It was disappointing to see Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanagh join the Liberals in court to support a mandate aimed at healthcare workers. American businessmen should forget these orders faster than Joe Biden forgets his daily schedule, “he added.

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