Scientists blame Big Tech, media for silencing Covid-19 controversy – Indy News

Thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, scientists across the country have had their first interactions with journalists and Big Tech.

Catherine Stein, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, has criticized the state’s cowardly policy and has personally contacted state lawmakers to share her suspicions, particularly on the effectiveness of the mask, Just The News reported.
“What blew my mind was the intimidation in the media,” he said.
A request for a public record disguised Stein, and a political journal in Ohio called him a “COVID-19 truth-teller,” after which he decided to write a post for a Christian website inviting further scrutiny.
Stein said his NIH fund was threatened, his department had secret meetings about him, and colleagues stopped him from attending meetings.
In addition, the university has talked about the possibility of taking its students through a “counseling-separation process”.
Fortunately, his tenure saved him.
It was extremely common throughout the epidemic, according to Tracy Beth Hoyge, a resident of Davis Medical, California. Experts have been silenced for disagreeing with “what the media predicted was right”.
Hoeg said he did an interview in support of reopening schools with Nature that removed him from a Facebook group for epidemiologists. Facebook also hides your posts on Vaccine Myocarditis.

Scientists blame Big Tech, media for silencing COVID-19 controversy

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