Sally Field is so obsessed with pro-lifeers that she can physically attack them

IRecent Interviews with Hollywood Outlets DiversityThe Academy Award-winning actress even hinted that she could take physical revenge on various Republican lawmakers who are pro-life.

Yes, he is very upset with the people who are saving innocent future lives.

During the interview, Field seemed to have made possible the most extreme interpretation of these pro-life lawmakers. He said he believed that “those who are doing it and they are mostly male governors who are doing it are very backward, so ignorant and really hungry for power.”

Um, right? Is it to save innocent children from being killed, backward, ignorant and hungry for power? Anyone with a conscience knows that the field seems to be “backwards” here. He seems to be a general leftist who completely ignores the plight of the unborn child and focuses on what lawmakers say “no” to. Thus, they are oppressive.

This is the definition of a bad faith argument.

Field continued with his unwavering view, saying, “I think it’s criminal. They want to achieve and bring back significant advances for women, for blacks, for the LGBTQ community. ”

Again, how are your children’s progress being killed? This is a deception for the minority community. And another question for the declining, science-minded left: How do they square off abortion with a Darwinian, evolutionary understanding of biology? Killing one’s own baby is not progress for any species.

They can’t. But no one should say “no” to a woman. You can’t kill your baby. It’s his right, damn it!

Sadly these beliefs are the same for leftists, especially for hyper-emotional Hollywood. Where it changed significantly was when Fields expressed his hatred for Republican lawmakers, particularly Governor Ron Desantis (R-FL) and Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX), to the point of thinking of hitting them.

“I can’t say enough terrible things about how I feel about those men,” he added. No. I will. ”

Field then turned to his preacher during the conversation and said, “Heidi, can you hear me?” Take me away. “

Well, the field is crazy. The flat truth here is that she is so mad that abortions in these states will not be so frequent that she may become violent in it.

Despite her public hatred, we must make sure to pray for Mrs. Field. According to, the actress complained that she was sexually abused as a child by her stepfather and then had an abortion at the age of seventeen. Perhaps all this sadness and pain is coloring his mental state in this matter.

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