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(Moscow, Russia) – Russia plans to ban YouTube, a Google-owned video platform, as soon as possible today, as the nation is torn apart by Western erosion and erosion in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Just in – Russia will block YouTube as soon as possible today (RIA)

– (iscdisclosetv) March 18, 2022

Earlier, Russia reprimanded Google for its hateful behavior in allowing threats and hate speech against its people on their video platforms.

“The actions of the YouTube administration are of a terrorist nature and pose a threat to the lives and health of Russian citizens,” said Roscommonadzor, Russia’s media regulator.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev wrote on Friday that “the guardians of freedom have allowed their social media users to wish for the death of the Russian military.”

Medvedev said his nation has the power to develop its own alternatives and become self-sufficient, without having to rely on the services of the world’s worst and most exploitative corporations.

“In order to return, they must prove their independence and good attitude towards Russia and its citizens,” he wrote. “However, it is not a fact that they will be able to dip their toes twice in the same water.”

Big League Politics reports on how the Big Tech has approved the call for violence against Russia, which is undermining the will of globalists:

Do big technologies really care about the safety of their users? Facebook and Instagram are facing criticism after an explosive report from Reuters that the two platforms were set up to “temporarily” allow calls for violence against Russian troops and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The news comes after President Vladimir Putin banned Facebook from his country in retaliation for repeated platform censorship that targeted many Russian media outlets.

Meter spokesman Andy Stone shared an online company statement Post: “As a result of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, we have temporarily created allowances for forms of political expression that generally violate our rules, such as violent rhetoric such as the ‘death of Russian invaders’.” We still do not allow credible calls for violence against Russian civilians.

Reuters says the social media agency is “temporarily” allowing some posts calling for the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin or Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

… According to CNET, this is a gross violation of Facebook’s own personal rules regarding “hate speech”.

Reuters reports that “leaders will be allowed to call for death unless they have other goals or two indicators of credibility, such as location or method, an email said, in the wake of recent changes in company rules regarding violence and incitement.” The new policy changes apply to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine, according to an email.

“We are providing policy-must allowance for T1 violent speech which would otherwise be removed under the hate speech policy when: (a) targeting Russian soldiers, excluding prisoners of war, or (b) targeting Russians make it clear that the issue is Russian aggression in Ukraine (E.g., referring to content attacks, self-defense, etc.), “wrote Meta in a recent email to moderators.

Russia has taken a stand against big-tech tyranny, and it is not surprising that people are showing so much support for Russian President Vladimir Putin that even Donald Trump will be jealous.

Ukraine’s corrupt puppet government could push a psychological and insane campaign. Russia shows that a nation does not need satanic globalist infrastructure to be strong and proud.

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