Rona McDaniel checkmate Joe Biden has launched a voter registration initiative

(Arizona) – The Republican National Committee is launching a new voter registration effort that will hit Democrats and President Joe Biden where it hurts. The GOP will meet new voters at the gas station and record out-of-control price responses that have seen some Americans pay more than $ 6 per gallon.

RNC chairman Rona McDaniel said: “Families under Joe Biden are paying more for gas than ever before. After killing the independence of the American power, Biden is leaning towards our opponents abroad for the need of American power. American families are feeling the pain at the pump and Biden and the Democrats are not paying attention and it is getting worse. “

“Arizonans are frustrated with the record-breaking gas prices we’ve seen recently, an issue that affects almost every Arizona,” said Ben Petersen, RNC’s Arizona spokesman.

Petersen continued: “There is no doubt that everyone is in pain at the pump, so a gas station might be the best place to talk to one of our volunteers and sign up to vote for someone.

“Registering someone as a Republican voter is one of the most high-impact things we can do with our ground program.”

According to AZ Central: “Recent voter registration statistics in Arizona indicate that 34.5% of registered voters are Republicans; 31.4% Democrats; 33.3% Independent, and 0.1% Libertarian.

“… Internal RNC data show that more than 80% of newly registered Republican voters cast a ballot in the first election after their registration.”

The RNC is doing this after people across the country blamed Biden for the high prices and put stickers on gas pumps.

From Fox News:

“I did it!” President Biden’s announcement pointing the finger at this word. In large, bold prints, appearing at fuel pumps across the country – including New York City – petrol prices skyrocket.

“All I know is that what he’s been doing since he took office. Bring Trump back, “said Harold Frost, 29, of the Upper West Side.

“That’s why my car has been parked for the whole week. I took the train, but on the train now it is dangerous. You have to be careful. “

The post found stickers – which sell for 100 100 to 8 8 on Amazon – at a pump on Mt Haven’s Brookner Boulevard Speedway, where a waiter tried to peel it.

The three stickers adorn a shell pump on Broadway’s Harlem, where The Post interviewed drivers to fill their tanks.

“I do not support the Democrats. They think they’ve got the backs of the minority, but in reality, they’re in it for themselves, “said Vincent Williams, 29, a black Harlem resident who said he could afford to keep only $ 15 in his tank – which he buys barely three gallons these days. .

“Gas price hike BS”

Don’t like #Bidengashaike? Vote!

Republicans are coming to gas stations across the country to register voters! # Leadright

– Rona McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) March 19, 2022

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