Robot trackers can replace 500,000 jobs … – Indy News

(Indianapolis, In.) – Robots will take on the most tiring, most dangerous tasks in most things at first. Trucking is no exception. Autonomous driving engineers focus on long-range freight vehicles, moving interstate without any complications for slow curves or E ‑ ZPass lanes. As such, those routes are some of the simplest challenges in the self-driving spectrum. The biggest hurdle could be infrastructure. A short interstate trip from a factory or distribution center is usually much more complicated than the next few hundred miles.

The same goes for the machine out of the interstate. One solution is to set up transfer stations on both sides of the trucking companies, where human drivers manage the first step of the trip and then take their cargo to the robot rig for the tedious middle part. The freight will be returned to an analog truck for delivery to another station of departure. According to a new study from the University of Michigan, such a system could replace the driving of about 90% of people in U.S. long-haul trekking, the equivalent of about 500,000 jobs. “When we talk to truck drivers, literally everyone says, ‘Yeah, this part of the job can be automated,'” explains Aniruddha Mohan.

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