Republicans shout racism on NY Times front page in desperate defense of KBJ

Summary of the second day of the Supreme Court hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson New York Times On Wednesday’s front page, “News Analysis,” “Judge of Race and Crime, GOP Place to Base and Fringe,” accused Republicans of appealing to the Senate Judiciary Committee for racism.

Jonathan Wiesman and Jasmine Uloa write:

Following all requests from top Republicans to show respect at Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing, Senator Ted Cruz chose to grill the first black woman nominated for the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon for her views on critical race theory, indicating that she was soft. On child sexual abuse.

The Bar Trying hard to make Sen. Ted Cruz (a Hispanic) a black racist, this article is shown on the front page:

The message from the Texas Republicans seemed clear: a black woman hoping for a lifetime appointment to the country’s highest court, Mr. Cruz, suggested that offenders should have easy access to sex offenders and that whites should act according to their view that they are nature, oppressors.

The most dramatic of the attacks, which began inside and outside the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing room, There is a newly coded appeal to racism and a clear consensus on the edge of the conservative world.

Weissman and Ulloa added the theory of absolutist conspiracy to their racist allegations.

But at the heart of the Republican message was the desire for a “soft” offense, a line of attack that intimidated criminals – many of them black – bound by a liberal justice system that they advised Judge Jackson to embody.

Along a similar line, Republicans claimed that the nominee was particularly lenient with those who portrayed child sexual abuse, a claim that called for an amendment to the QAnon conspiracy theory.. Many of its followers – some of whom questioned the Republican line online at the hearing – falsely believe that former President Donald J. Trump is fighting a cable of elites, including top Democrats, who are in fact child traffickers and pedophiles.

The Bar Conservative Supreme Court nominees (Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanagh) have avoided 35 years of heinous democratic attacks, returning to the Nixon era to accuse more racists. Perhaps lead author Weissman is paying extra for his 2019 Twitter run-ins with minority liberals, ending with an unfortunate feud with ultra-black feminist Roxanne Gay?

Allegations of leniency towards crime are at least an ideal line of attack on Democrats’ nominees and candidates from Republicans, at least since the Nixon era, political scientists say. Justin Hansford, a law professor at Howard University and executive director of the Thargood Martial Civil Rights Center, said these were part of the criticism that black government officials in particular had expected. “It’s a dog whistle, and it plays to a certain audience,” he said.

Thargood Marshall, the country’s first black Supreme Court judge, He faced similarly coded language during his confirmation hearing 55 years agoWhen a group of fiercely separatist senators tried to intimidate civil rights protesters and police on the streets, as well as clashes.

More bizarre QAnon estimates have been followed.

Complaining of generosity [regarding child sexual abuse]Mr. Cruz, Mrs. Blackburn, and Mr. Howley seem to be taking advantage of the echoes of QAnon, which is widespread among some members of the Republican base, almost culturally attainable..

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

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