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(Washington DC) – Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has been criticized by GOP lawmakers for calling on him to make false claims about Donald Trump and the so-called “Russian conspiracy.”

In an interview with Fox Business, host Elizabeth MacDonald asked North Carolina GOP Republican Dan Bishop about the unsolicited and tempting anti-Trump dossier.

Democrat Adam Schiff says that although there are many disrespectful claims in the Steel Dossier, that [Department of Justice Inspector General] And while many experts say it’s a complete lie, he still thinks some of it is credible and goes after Trump, “said McDonald.

He then played a clip of Schiff’s recent appearance on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, who reminded Schiff that most of what was in the dossier had not been verified.

“Are you thinking, Congressman, your credibility, the credibility of other Democrats could be hurt?” Blitzer asked.

“No,” Schiff said, before falsely claiming that Dossier had played a “very limited role” in shaping Trump’s investigation. In fact, the FBI relied heavily on Dossier to obtain FISA warrants for spying on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“It doesn’t change the fact that the president’s son, Hillary Clinton, secretly met with a Russian delegation at the Trump Tower to throw dirt on her, or that others in Trump’s orbit were also seeking profits from the Democratic Party’s Russian hack,” Schiff said. Says

“The Steel Dossier is a beautiful point for right-wing scholars, but it is a distraction from what we have learned. What we have learned is extremely damaging to the former president, to the Russians and to his campaign, “he added.

McDonald then went back to the bishop and he did not shorten his words for the chef.

“Okay, Adam Schiff is confusing again,” McDonald said. “Steel dossier has not played a limited role. The DOJ inspector general noted that the FBI used Steel Dossier as a basis for the FISA wartap – for terrorists – to go after the Trump campaign. Adam Schiff has become confusing again.

The bishop added: “Adam Schiff’s Juicy Smollett of Congress. He has not yet been tried.”

This is not the first time Schiff has been fired for his suspicious behavior.

Last month, Fox News host Mark Levin called for the dismissal of Schiff when it was revealed that his staff had played a medical role in the text messages.

During an interview with Fox, Levin spoke about reports that in the Democrat-led Jan. 6 commission, Schiff and his staff admitted to sending text messages between GOP Representative Jim Jordan and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

“When it comes to Adam Schiff’s medical evidence, Adam Schiff is a lawyer and has his license in the state of California and probably elsewhere,” Levine began.

“Let’s not just cry about this reprimand and unethical hack, let’s do something about it. Lawyers are not independent of medical evidence, especially when it comes to medical evidence for the purpose of keeping people in prison, ”he added.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is time that people file a serious moral complaint. Enough is enough. I will ask Republicans in Congress, but any citizen can do it – with the ethics of the California Supreme Court and asking for Adam Schiff’s license, “he said.

“This guy is immoral,” Levine said. “He doesn’t deserve to be a member of the bar – he’s worse than a slip-and-fall lawyer, he’s a slip-and-fall congressman.”

In particular, the committee acknowledged writing a text between Jordan, one of Trump’s strongest supporters, and Mark Meadows, then-Trump chief of staff.

Post ‘His trial has not yet taken place’: The first conservative briefing denounced the Republican Schiff for misleading the public about Trump-Russia.

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