Renewable energy failed Newsbuster

The “green” promise will replace renewable, solar and wind energy, fossil fuels. After all, air and sun are free, and they are not polluted!


Now the countries that have adopted renewable energy are so desperate for energy that they eagerly import coal, which is the worst polluter!

Do they apologize? No. Greens never apologizes.

Germany was a leader in renewable energy, so confident in solar and wind energy that they shut down half of their nuclear facilities.


This leaves the Germans with so little power that the Germans are now desperate to buy fossil fuels from Russia. Worse, in terms of pollution, high-pollution coal is now at the top of the air as Germany’s largest source of electricity. It’s really disgusting.

After all, even with so much ink in the air, the Germans pay three times as much for electricity as the Americans do.

For me New videoI encounter Johanna Neumann, a German-born environmentalist from Environment America, a group that lobbies for 100% renewable energy.

I mentioned that despite the massive subsidy, his favorite renewables still provide only 12% of our energy. He says, “Saying that renewable energy is still not powering our utility grid is like criticizing a 2-year-old for not being able to run a marathon.”

A 2 year old? I don’t want to meet that boy. Renewables have been subsidized for 40 years, not two.

“How we spend our taxes should be a reflection of our values,” Newman added. “Americans … prefer renewable energy.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. We like the idea of ​​it. I put solar panels on my roof. I wouldn’t be a sucker. Massachusetts took money from residents of other states to pay me tax breaks on solar panels.

Yet, in winter, when the sun is low, or my panels are covered with snow, I get nothing from my solar panels.

What kind of energy solution is it? When it is cloudy, people need energy. They need it when the wind is not blowing.

“When the sun goes down … the coastal winds gradually rise,” Newman said.

No, they don’t!

“The wind doesn’t always come when the sun goes down,” I point out.

“Renewability is definitely good,” Newman replies.

“We’re going to solve the problem of renewable energy by doing things like saving energy on batteries,” he said.

Okay, yes, a battery that lasts for a few weeks works renewably. But it does not exist.

“It’s just a complete fantasy, which is why no one did it anywhere!” “The moral case for fossil fuels,” says Alex Epstein.

Fossil fuels are ethical, Epstein rightly mentioned, because human progress depends on them.

Plenty of fossil fuels are especially important for poor people.

“Three billion people around the world still use less electricity than ordinary American refrigerators. Will we let them live a modern life? Because it will depend on fossil fuels. “

Even if climate change becomes a serious problem, fossil fuels reduce its damage by enriching us enough to be able to protect against the climate.

“Over the last 100 years, we have seen a 98% reduction in deaths from climate-related disasters,” Epstein noted.

Mortality reduced by 96%! This is the amazing unspoken story of fossil fuels and their benefits. Because oil and natural gas supply electricity so efficiently, heat homes when they are freezing, pump water during droughts, etc., millions of people improve despite problems such as climate change.

Thanks to fossil fuels, “we have this amazing production capacity,” Epstein said. “That’s the only reason we think of the planet as habitable.”

Global warming is a threat. Now limiting fossil fuels, without a viable alternative, will make the effects more difficult to deal with.

Until someone invents a miraculous battery or something that makes solar and wind energy practical, we need fossil fuels, desperately.

Poor people need them the most.

John Stasel is the creator of Stasel TV and “Give Me a Break: How I Exposed to Hoaxster, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Liberal Media.”

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