Putin’s war put him in infamous company

WASHINGTON – You may remember last week that I started calling Russian President Vladimir Putin “KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin”. I wanted to make him small in the eyes of my readers. I insisted that he was promoted to the rank of colonel when he was in the KGB, or, when he was in the KGB. Well, this column has a very scholarly audience, and several of my readers have protested that Vlad never held the position of full colonel in the Soviet intelligence service. He has only reached the rank of lieutenant colonel, and even his black belt for martial arts is probably exaggerated. My guess is it’s a chartreuse belt, or maybe a pink belt. Maybe there is no belt without a suspender.

The situation in Ukraine is not good for Lieutenant Colonel Putin and his 200,000-strong army. Over the weekend, it was reported that his health was deteriorating. Rumor has it that he is suffering from some kind of cancer. A Pentagon source claimed that he had died of cancer. I told my readers three weeks ago that I saw the flab around his neck – before anyone else saw it, I can add – and I blamed him for his skipped workout because of his understanding of war. Now word has come from Pentagon sources that he is “full-faced.” Well, lungs or fickle mouth, it seems serious to me, and to us Lieutenant Colonel Putin may not be able to walk around for long.

I have also mentioned that Lieutenant Colonel Putin often goes to a beautiful dormitory in the Ural Mountains to escape the pressure of war. If so, this week will be a good time for the Urals to take a break. The Russian Air Force has reportedly lost nine aircraft in one day over the weekend, and Ukraine estimates that, according to Russian estimates, or more, the total number of Russian casualties on land is estimated at 500. Whatever the real picture, one thing is for sure: the Russians are at least a week behind schedule, probably two weeks behind, and in Ukraine, that means the rainy season continues. This is not the weather you want to drive a tank or any other armored vehicle.

Lieutenant Colonel Putin is a man who has just led a large army of boys in a foreign country. Most of the boys were confused by the idea that they were training in Russia. Now they want to return to the country. The saddest of them is seen on television crying for their mother. They wrote letters to their mothers, some before they died in battle. They were badly equipped from the start. In the beginning they did not have enough food and now many do not have food. They did not even have enough fuel for their armored vehicles and now they are waiting for supplies from home. Who knows, maybe they had enough paper for the ramp? This operation will be remembered as the most miscalculated military operation in history.

Lieutenant Colonel Putin brought annihilation to Ukraine, an aristocratic country, and his own country, Russia. He has united most of the world and NATO against him. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Lieutenant Colonel Putin has attracted the attention of most people in the world. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Both countries were hosts of a promising tourism trade. It will take a few years for the tourism trade to revive in any country. In fact, it will take years for both countries to return to normal. Who is responsible for this atrocity? Well, it took a modern day Mussolini, although I always thought of Mussolini as a clown. Lieutenant Colonel Putin is much more than a clown. The incompetence with which he waged this war is pure Mussolini, but the brutality with which he waged this war reminds me of Mussolini’s co-conspirator Adolf Hitler.

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