Project Veritas spies on journalists with sealed search warrants in Biden DJ –

James O’Keefe revealed Tuesday that the Biden DJ project Veritas spied on journalists with sealed search warrants and then withheld contacts from a federal judge.

Project Veritas obtained legal documents from Microsoft Corporation stating that the DOJ received an extension to two sealed search warrants when a federal judge denied the department’s efforts to “facilitate emails and unclaimed access to eight PV journalists.”

According to O’Keefe, Judge Torres ruled that federal prosecutors must be supervised by a special master to protect journalists’ First Amendment rights.

Documents obtained by Project Veritas prove that the DOJ went after Judge Torres, ignored the order and tried to hide the fact that they had been contacted by PV journalists.

Through Project Veritas:

BombShell Microsoft Corporation’s legal documents released by Project Veritas reveal that President Biden’s judiciary has a series of secret warrants issued to Microsoft Corp. .

The judiciary then misled Microsoft into publishing the orders through a series of confidentiality orders signed by magistrates.

The documents further reveal that the DOJ then went after U.S. District Court Judge Analisa Torres, after Judge Torres ruled that Project Veritas was entitled to “journalistic benefits” in order to obtain an extension of Microsoft’s gag-order from magistrates.

Despite multiple opportunities to do so, the DOJ did not disclose orders, warrants or subpoenas to Judge Torres or Special Master Judge Barbara Jones – who was appointed by Judge Torres to protect Veritas’ “journalist benefits” from potential DOJ abuse. Judge Torres ruled that the DOJ’s investigation must be overseen by Judge Jones, and ordered the DOJ not to review any materials seized from Project Veritas without Judge Jones’ approval.

DOJ did not seek Judge Jones’ approval to review the contents of the confiscated project Veritas from Microsoft.

The documents uncover a sixteen-month secret campaign against journalists where the DOJ received seven secret orders, warrants and subpoenas from six magistrates in New York’s Southern District.


Post-Breaking: Project Veritas spies on journalists with sealed search warrants at Biden DJ – then secret communication (video) from a federal judge first appears on The Gateway Pundit.

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