Pro-Trans Republican Jane Keegan lies to voters about Virginia Value Act

Pro-Trans Republican Jane Kiggans, who chose to establish Congress for Virginia’s Battlefield 2 District, fought to explain her vote in favor of the Virginia Values ​​Act when questioned by voters during a radio interview. Kiggan’s campaign has been tainted by his far-left voting record and he falsely claims in the broadcasts that VVA manages housing and employment rights to help keep transgender people away from welfare.

In fact, the law has been called the largest state-level LGBT bill in American history, and faith leaders have accused Christianity of criminalizing it. The Virginia Values ​​Act was also cited by the state Department of Education to force schools to adopt “trans-farming” bathroom and pronoun policies – such as the rape of a Loudoun County schoolgirl by a “sex-liquid” man in a skirt.

This week, as Kiggan sat down for a radio interview with Tony McRini at WNIS Beach in Virginia Beach, a pair of voters emailed the show to challenge Kiggan for his Trans-Virginia Values ​​Act in his 2020 vote in the Virginia State Senate. The VVA, or SB-868, also known as the Virginia Values ​​Act, was a central part of former Governor Ralph Northam’s far-left agenda and crossed party lines to get Democrats to vote on Kiggan law.

Kiggan has come under intense scrutiny for his vote for pro-trans legislation throughout his GOP initial campaign that effectively rewrote Virginia human rights law into the image of the far-left LGBT lobby. While the Virginia Values ​​Act provides a legal “anti-discrimination” framework, Democrats went deeper into introducing “trans-farming” laws and policies throughout Virginia, including schools, where the Department of Education directly referred to VVA in opening girls’ “public accommodations” including restrooms. Restrooms for men to manage VVA.

“The Virginia Values ​​Act that was voted on is actually an employment and a housing bill. The word bathroom is not in that bill,” Kiggan claimed in response to voters, playing a word game with the bill’s public housing department. “It simply came to our notice then.

Kiggan then bizarrely claims that the bill is not only a housing and employment protection law but also designed to help military veterans and breastfeeding mothers and to protect the welfare of transgender people, which he says is a key principle of conservatism.

“The bill is about having a non-discriminatory bill on employment and housing That is – the Values ​​Act Bill – including veterans, disabled people, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant mothers, minorities – the LGBT community was included in those things, “Kiggins began to sound as if he were struggling to make a reality. Answer.

“As a conservative, as a Republican, I want people to have a job. I want people to have a home. I don’t want you to sit in your house and pay for being unemployed, “Kiggan said.

“So for me, I want all equality for the people, I am a candidate for equality. We all need to be able to hold a job to pay our taxes to contribute to society, I don’t want anything – let anyone think they are being discriminated against and stay home because it is, again, people have jobs and opportunities. That’s what that bill was about. The word bathroom is not mentioned anywhere in the bill. ”

Kiggan’s primary opponent in the front race, Jerome Bell, revealed the Kevin McCarthy-backed candidate’s left-wing voting record at the center of his campaign, and blasted Kiggan’s radio statement in remarks made in the National File.

“Kiggan’s irresponsible word play is disgusting and completely unacceptable,” Bell said, adding that Kiggan was blown away by his claim that Virginia values ​​law did not affect the bathroom because the word did not appear in the bill. “If he does not understand the meaning of terms like legal writing or ‘public accommodation’, then there is no need for him to be a legislator at the highest level of government.”
Bell and Kiggan will face off in a preliminary match in June for the right to fight Democrat incumbent and 1/6 committee member Elaine Luria. Luria herself has recently come under fire for her financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party and their spying activities, as well as her resistance to stock trading by members of Congress. Although Bell called on Luria to resign over his communist espionage relationship, Kiggan did not.
Kiggan and Luria both represent the founding branches of their respective parties, with Luria backed by Kiggan by Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy.

Kiggins has also refused to support Trump’s potential candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Jerome Bell, on the other hand, represents the GOP’s America First Wing, and General Mike Flynn and Rep. Supported by the likes of Paul Gosser, it fully embraces the MAGA movement.

Listen to Jane Kiggan’s full radio interview below:

Pro-Trans Republican Jane Keegan lies to voters about allowing boys and girls to go to the bathroom, enabling child rape # LoudownCounty School # VA2 (1/2)

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