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Posted: March 18, 2022 12:01 AM

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Professional golfers competing for the Million Dollar Prize may not seem like a problem in the labor market, but they do provide a good example of America’s declining gig economy landscape across the country. As an independent contractor, not playing for the team or working as an employer, pro golfers are in a class where there are millions of hard working people who have a serious lack of basic legal and ethical protection in their jobs. Unlike their peers in baseball, football and basketball, PGA Tour golfers have to bear their own costs, from travel to coaching to healthcare. Cady can cost up to $ 3,000 per tournament, in addition to the golfer’s winning percentage. But worse, the PGA Tour limits players’ extra money, including participation in competitive tournaments, attendance fees, and media and licensing prohibitions. At the same time, unlike the Pro Sports League, the tour does not even offer the golfers the minimum compensation. A PGA Tour event at Pebble Beach at the same time to play on the Asian Tour last month (February 3-6). Some big names in golf, including Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeu and Phil Mickelson, had to beg for a waiver from the commissioner. It was inadvertently granted, but only if the players made sure they would play at Pebble Beach in future years. What kind of freedom is this? Rory McIlroy, a four-time champion of the golf majors and chairman of the PGA Tour Players’ Council, decided not to play in any of the events that weekend, but said in an interview on January 26 about golfers who chose the Asian Tour event: “At the end of the day, it’s their job. I like to be my own boss. I don’t want to say what to do. I don’t want to say where or when to show it. ” The good news is that protecting workers’ rights in the gig economy is one of the attractions in Washington. The Biden administration supports the idea that millions of workers should have the flexibility of individual contractor status and still be treated fairly with appropriate protection and benefits. US Sup

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