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In a viral video circulating on social media, a woman is seen teaching leftist schools about so-called white privileges and racism, defending the white working class that the UK’s own government admits they “forgot” and set aside.

The video, which appears to have been taken at a university or other academic setting, came from the UK and has been viewed thousands of times since it was posted on Twitter. In the video, a woman, who at one point claims to be a student, forgets and ignores the problems of students affiliated with the school’s anti-white leftist far-left Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Educators Group (BAMEed). Claiming they have “white privileges” regardless of their own background or struggle.

Standing in front of a BAMID advertising sign, the young woman, dubbed “a breath of fresh air” on Twitter, held a pamphlet calling for an end to anti-white racism as her leftist opponent, a university professor, almost speechless.

An anti-white curriculum and an amendment to denigrate “whiteness” is not only leading to the exclusion of white students from their studies but is also causing mental health struggles, he said, derailing a generation of children.

“This is detrimental to the curriculum of white children and is detrimental not only to their mental health but also to their educational prospects,” the young woman said of the continuing barriers to anti-white rhetoric in the UK education system. White students and parents are being prevented from organizing for themselves, and if they do, they are being called racist.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

“Some of these white children are more economically disadvantaged than their black and ethnic minority peers. How can you say that a black boy from a socio-economically developed background is less privileged than a white boy who eats free school meals? ” He asked, as the pictureless leftist continues to push for white privileges.

“There is no such thing as white privilege … there are things like socio-economic benefits, but like a white student and other white students, many of us are out of the curriculum,” he said, citing a UK government study. The “forgotten white working class” will be “humbled” by “decades of neglect”, often using tax dollars to pay for welfare and other programs for newcomers from the Third World.

While schools and universities have gone to great lengths to draw attention to the “psychological harm” of “general” minorities, racial and religiously motivated attacks on white students and citizens have been ignored, including mass gangs including Islamist mass grooming and rape of British schoolgirls. The gang has been able to drop the punishment, thanks to the UK government for giving way to Third World immigrants and for being accused of racism or not understanding their culture.

“When they talk about psychological damage, are they talking about the millions of white schoolgirls who have been raped by Muslim Pakistani gangs for religiously and ethnically motivated crimes?” He asked. “What about our schools who ignore them? Ignore the sexual harassment of white girls What about our school? Why don’t we talk about these racial issues? Oops! Because it affects the white community and we are not allowed to talk about our race!”

Unable to bring a rebuttal to his evidence-backed claims as “wrong,” the left-winger withdrew from the debate, saying he was simply “no longer interested.”

Across the Western world, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom, white students have been increasingly excluded from academic programs inspired by critical race theory and other Marxist-Maoist ideologies that seek to strike at the roots of Western civilization and divide and conquer society. The foundation of the nation. Working in what appears to be a synopsis, academic institutions, corporations and governing bodies at all levels have adopted anti-white ideologies and programs, even forcing young white children of pre-school age to sit in anti-white critical race theory seminars. Consent of their parents.

Increasingly, deserving white students are being rejected from colleges and universities because academia forcibly pushes ethnic “diversity” and boasts that it is admitting fewer white students than ever before.

In the United States, even multi-ethnic groups that express pro-American or pro-white views are being attacked by the left with the help of the federal government. The Biden administration and Attorney General Merrick Garland have used the FBI to target parents, accusing them of racist “domestic terrorism” for opposing critical race theory and other anti-American notions in their children’s schools, according to National File. In Loudoun County, Virginia’s abusive public school system, school boards and even parents were arrested for daring to question their leftist policies.

Watch the full video below:

She is like a breath of fresh air.

– Astro Morrigan (Morrigan_Astro) March 26, 2022

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