President Trump’s statement shared the article – “Drugs are dead” – the media also

Today, President Trump shared an article on how the drug report has changed and is no longer a trusted source for conservatives.

In 2016 and Gateway Pundit rejoiced when we were often associated with drug reports. We had numerous headlines in the drug report. When it happened, we knew our country had top stories. Drug reports were that important.

We reported on candidate Trump’s victory in the East and the impending defeat of Ted Cruz and the mathematical exclusion from the 2016 nomination in April 2016. Druze headlined it where he created another iconic image of the time by sarcastically using the message of Cruz’s Truss campaign.Ted.

The draw is linked to our post on The Gateway Pond:

That day is long gone. We acknowledged this in 2017. Drug report lost. President Trump made the point today when he shared the article on the former Conservative website, The Drew’s Report.

The article ends:

The site finally became anti-Trump several years ago, and it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He once drew personal attention to himself, with his own ill-fated weekly Fox show (wearing a clich রিপd reporter’s Fedora, although kindly his band did not include a “press” card.) Wearing headwear, they had the ingenuity and civility to keep their hats off inside the house. He even wrote a book, “Draz Manifesto”, which is a fancy Drodz fan. Done. “

Today, Matt Droz is apparently a sure solitude. Is he out of cash? Did Trump treat her badly, so now she’s back to him? Has he changed his politics? Whatever the answer, okay. But fans of his past want to give a manly explanation of why the Dodge Report died.

Post President Trump’s statement shared the article – “Draw is dead” – the media also appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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