President Trump notices AZ Attorney General Mark Bronovich – when to ask

(Arizona) – The Maricopa County election audit found extensive evidence of electoral law violations and several thousand invalid ballots in the 2020 election. All of the evidence was passed on to Arizona Attorney General Brunovich last September, and we haven’t seen any action!

President Trump has asked, “When will the Arizona Attorney General rule on all the electoral fraud and massive electoral irregularities awaiting him?”

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Stolen Laser-Focused in 2020 Election. For this reason, he is the Trump-backed Republican frontrunner for the August primary.

Curry told Lake The Gateway Pundit that he was “the only candidate who has made promises and will reach the bottom of what happened in 2020.”

Exclusive: Trump-Approved Arizona Governorate Candidate Curry Lake: “I’m the only candidate who is committed and will get to the bottom of what happened in 2020.” (Video)

Arizona wants truth and Curry Lake is a fighter for truth.


– Kari Lake for AZ Governor (ariKariLake) March 13, 2022

Mark Brnovich, on the other hand, was recently leaked for having secret meetings with Never-Trumpers and a Maricopa County official. People want to know what he is doing with the evidence of massive electoral fraud on his desk.

Exclusive: Tenio Network, FDD, and Bill Crystal – AZ Attorney General Mark Bronovich caught hanging out with #NeverTrumpers in Secret AZ Gathering

AG Brunovich must do the right thing immediately.

Statement by the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump

When is the Arizona Attorney General going to rule on all the electoral frauds and massive electoral irregularities awaiting him? People want to know if Attorney General Brunovich is doing the right thing, or is he doing politics normally. For example, the staunch Trump-backed Curry Lake, who is running for governor, has made fraudulent 2020 elections a primary part of his campaign. He is far ahead of his weak RINO competitors in huge numbers. It’s both today’s issue and Crime of the Century! And now, above all else, it was announced by the New York Times that they, along with other fake news media, covered the story of Hunter Biden’s crime before the election (a 15 point difference!) Wow, what a country.

Regardless of where you live, contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brunovich for an arrest warrant for the crime of the century!

Post Just In: President Trump AZ Attorney General Mark Bronovich on Notice – Ask When Election Fraud and Massive Electoral Irregularities Are Coming

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