Politico ridicules Clinton’s politics course as a vanity exercise

Remember last December when NBC’s Sunday Today Was Hillary Clinton stunned at the drama Queen performance where she held her breath while delivering her 2016 victory speech that didn’t happen because of her inconvenient loss to a certain Orange Man?

If you think this was ridiculously bizarre, then perhaps you (and your husband Bill) should have been admitted to a masterclass in politics because his speech was part of the course.

What kind of laughter would you like to get a preview of, Politico Magazine On Sunday, the masterclass reviewed the course and revealed that instead of actually teaching students much in the art of politics, it was in fact a vain practice on the part of the two Clintons.

The masterclass ridicule begins with Calder McHugh Politico The title, “The Clinton’s Masterclass on Vanity,” and so on.

The masterclass is of course in the learning camp, suggesting that students take professional tips from political leaders such as designers or writers or sports stars.

But instead of unraveling the mystery of success in politics, it overwhelms them. The whole question of how and why political leaders appear to talk about more formless concepts such as leadership and resilience is avoided by the masterclass. This leaves the audience with courses that are sorted but empty. Without a lot of concrete lessons to teach, save a few bits in public speaking (there are some bitter jokes, like Hillary telling the audience to get in the habit of speaking in front of a mirror, and then saying after the lesson that she never read her victory speech out loud), Clinton used those messages. Do what most of us have heard before, maybe at a mid-budget hotel conference with a cold breakfast buffet. Make your bed in the morning. Stay organized. Define your own values. Find your own leadership style. Know your audience. Look for win-win when discussing.

Good observation by McHugh! How can Hillary claim that she did not read her victory speech aloud (until her December performance) when she got into the habit of speaking in front of readers’ mirrors? He continued:

Unfortunately, instead of exploring the outlines of their decision-making, Clinton – who doesn’t understand or think they’re at a stage in life when they can offer hard, revealing truth – is more concerned with casting their images. . Part of Bill Clinton’s course makes it clear how far the Oval Office visitors have actually come.

“How far can visitors actually go to the Oval Office?” It was not intended to be crucified, but one must read it that way.

McHugh walked away, hinting “[t]She’s an elephant in the masterclass room. ” Being “2016 Presidential Election Results” And its aftermath “Chang[ing]… of the American political leadership. “

Yes! The media guaranteed that Hillary would win that election … unless it happened:

[T]He inadvertently taught Clinton other lessons. Set your own agenda. Emphasize soft light. Eliminate weaknesses in small doses. Don’t turn a big check. Keep your thoughts of embarrassing your public secret. Above all, protect your image.

And basically, don’t refuse a big check.

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