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Tuesday May 24, 2022

Photos of the Bob Sejet Hotel Room show padded headboards and carpeted floors.

New photos released from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office show comedian Bob Segett having a padded headboard and carpeted floor in his Ritz-Carlton hotel room.

The 65-year-old comedian was found dead in a Ritz-Carlton hotel room by a householder in January.

Segate suffered a fracture at the base of his skull and a fracture around his eye socket when he was found dead in his hotel room.

The family had earlier said in a statement that “they have concluded that he accidentally hit something in the back of his head, did not feel anything and fell asleep.” This explanation does not explain fractured eye socket.

However, the new picture released on Tuesday has raised more questions.

Padded headboard

Carpet floor

The bathroom

The Daily Mail reports in more detail about the new picture:

The photo cache, released Tuesday from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, includes the comedian’s bedside padded headboard, as well as his walk-in shower, bathtub, desk and minibar.

Investigators have never been able to determine exactly what caused Sejet, 65, to be killed, but they did suggest in their final report that early January 9, he may have slipped on a headboard or on a carpeted floor and hit his head.

Their report states, “Our objective was to identify specific areas or items in the room that may have caused injuries at the autopsy.”

‘The countertops, tables, nightstands and other solid furniture in the room were all sharply defined at the edges and corners and it was unlikely that they would have caused skin lesions,’ the report added.

‘The bathroom counter and shower stall were canceled for the same reason. Most of the chairs and couches were thick upholstery material and were very soft due to the type and extent of Mr. Segate’s injuries. ‘As mentioned earlier, most of the suits were carpeted. The headboard of the bed was lightly padded and set slightly out of the wall.

‘These are listed here as probable causes of injury, but there was nothing in the house that allowed a definite conclusion.’

Post Mystery: Picture of Bob Sejet Hotel Room Shows Padded Headboard and Carpeted Floor… So How Did He Have Such Severe Cracks in His Skull? Gateway Pandit first appeared.

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