PETA has asked the NFL to change the name to ‘Horse Collar Tackle’

You can always count on PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for a good laugh.

Their latest attempt to bring justice to all creatures is by trying to get the NFL to change its name to “Horse Collar Tackle”, as it clearly illuminates “using hard harness to exploit horses for labor.”

For context, a horse collar tackle is when a defensive player lowers the offending player by their back collar.

As if the argument of asking for a name change is not ridiculous enough, get them a lot of advice to change the name.

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Instead of using “horse collar”, PETA suggested – drum roll please – “The Goodell Grab” (NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is trying to leak গত 128 million in compensation over the last two years), “Roy Williams Grab” (former Cowboy linebacker). For which violent tackle created the need for rules), and back-collar tackle. All this in the name of ensuring that people do not get hurt by the horse’s feelings.

But here’s the thing – the horse doesn’t care! They are animals that mankind has used for years as animals of understanding. Why do we suddenly feel the need to make sure that their feelings are not hurt?

Thank God for the weekend. We can all use a break from this nonsense.

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